• The many roles a successful nurse plays
    Becoming a successful nurse is about more than the training and clinical skills on hand - it's about the way you put forth the various roles and facets required of you on a day to day basis. 
  • The intricacies of managing a private practice, and the many benefits
    Working in a hospital may seem to be the place to be to build up a reputation, and is the top choice for physicians who are keen on career development. Yet, with new private clinics opening up on a regular basis, self-employment is an increasingly popular choice.
  • Is nationalism enough to keep PH doctors from leaving?
    While many new medical graduates aspire to go abroad for residency training and practice, there are those who still believe they should stay and serve the Filipino people.
  • Rude surgeons are more prone to surgical complications
    Patient complaints are said to be able to identify disrespectful surgeons with a higher risk of surgical and medical compilations, according to a new study.
  • How community pharmacies can better accommodate the needs of disabled patients
    Serving disabled patients may require community pharmacies to go the extra mile, so that they can cater to the diverse needs of the individuals who come to the premise.
  • NKTI’s iVASC – First integrated vascular center in Asia

    The first integrated vascular center in Asia is located within the National Kidney and Transplant Institute complex. MIMS finds out why it’s the benchmark for vascular care in the Philippines and abroad.

  • Why are nursing home careers so unpopular in Singapore?
    Singapore's ageing population foresees a need for more nursing homes to be built to attend to the needs of the elderly in the near future. However, infrastructure and building aside, the local attitude which tends towards the shunning of a nursing home career looks likely to pose a manpower issue, one that is unlikely to be easily resolved.
  • Job switch: Strategies for pharmacists to ace a job interview - Part 2
    In this second part of the three-part series on job hopping for pharmacists, we look at ways to help pharmacists to ace a job interview, a process which can be nerve-wrecking for many local pharmacists.
  • 4 key factors that motivate nurses in their career
    There are many reasons why nurses are keen to pursue the career. Here are the key factors that motivate nurses in their jobs.
  • 4 reasons men should consider the nursing profession
    There are several reasons why nursing is generally deemed to be a career that should only be undertaken by females. However, men are now encouraged to consider taking up the noble profession.