In the 1970s and 1980s, Michael Salmon, was working as a hospital consultant in various hospitals in Buckinghamshire, where he carried out a string of sexual assaults on six young girls.

He also worked at Stoke Mandeville in Aylesbury, where it was believed he carried out some of his worst offences. It is the same hospital where Jimmy Savile, an infamous paedophile, attacked 60 children.

Many of Salmon’s attacks were carried out during the examinations of his victims - all between 8 and 16 years old - behind a screen in his consulting room, as their parents waited in the very same room. He touched his patients inappropriately and even asked some whether they were sexually active while talking about his own sex life.

One victim, who had come to see him for a cyst in her ear, was told to remove her clothes while he molested her instead of examining her ears; others were "routinely" made to strip. He also sexually abused one girl in her own bedroom on a house call, and made another girl look at diagrams in inappropriate books like "The Joy Of Sex".

Adding to his list of offences, he also raped a 16-year-old girl twice when she turned to him for help after she believed she became pregnant. The previous year, he performed intimate examinations without wearing gloves on the same girl when he treated her for a digestive problem.

In 1991, Salmon was struck off the medical register after pleading guilty to three counts of indecent assault against young female patients in December 1990.

‘He knew that I would have no one to talk to’ said victim

Officers from Operation Yewtree – the same operation that looked into Savile – caught onto Salmon's acts after his victims came forward following the publicity surrounding Savile’s trial.

Convicted of two counts of rape and nine counts of indecent assault, Salmon was sentenced in February 2015 to 18 years in prison - according to the sentencing guidelines that were in place at the time he committed his crimes.

Salmon believed that no one would believe the words of children over his own. In her statement, the woman who had been raped, now in her 40s, wrote, “He knew that I would have no one to talk to. He planned these rapes. He knew what he was going to do to me.”

The judge, Johannah Cutts QC, said that Salmon was intelligent and knew right from wrong, but had acted in a callous and calculating manner in his sexual grooming and abuse of young patients.

"Parents, often very worried about their children's condition, were thrilled their child was in your care. You were held in high esteem. Your offending spanned 14 years - the girls were ill at the time and sexually assaulted by the doctor who was responsible for their care. They were treated as objects for your sexual gratification," Cutts told him.

Salmon thought he was ‘bomb-proof’

More victims came forward - including a man - after the publicity surrounding Salmon’s trial in 2015. On 12th December 2016, Salmon faced another trial, where he was convicted of new sex crimes and had his prison term increased to 22 years.

“As a result of the publicity which arose during and after that trial other women came forward to say they too were indecently assaulted by you during medical examinations be you when they were children. It goes without saying that doctors must act ethically and appropriately at all times.

“It is clear now that the esteem in which you were held was utterly misplaced. You were using the opportunities given to you as their doctor to sexually assault them. It seems to me that you considered yourself bomb-proof with conceited arrogance and complete disregard for your young female patients," said Cutts.

She also said that Salmon did not show the slightest contrition or remorse for his actions therefore increasing his prison term was justified. MIMS

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