A quick review of health fads and trends of 2017 would have sent cynics scratching their heads and sneering at the extremity of human ignorance and credulity. Yet, when it comes to beauty and health, people can be far more tolerant no matter how bizarre the trends had been.

Never mind if jade eggs or snake massages sounded gross, beauty pursuits surely had gone wacky in the past months. Like vanity, beauty knows no limits and even when it edges on the bizarre, it will still win some over.

1. A sprawl with snakes

The past days and months must have been hard and tiresome that people resorted to sleeping with snakes for a good body massage. Proponents advocate that snakes are capable of calming the nerves, and one can reap health benefits from it.

Earlier in this year, Ara Barak, owner of Israel’s Barak’s Snake Spa, claims that her pythons, with their mouths taped, make ideal masseurs and give a rubbing sensation to the skin.

"I'm actually afraid of snakes, but the therapeutic effects are really good," Liz Cohen, a customer, said.

Snakes and pythons are used in a massage parlour in Indonesia as massages for customers. Photo credit: Naukrinama.com
Snakes and pythons are used in a massage parlour in Indonesia as massages for customers. Photo credit: Naukrinama.com

A massage parlour in Indonesia, as well, uses snakes and pythons as its new unique method to provide relaxation to their customers, while also provides relief in body pain. This trend then branched out further into the Philippines, where people queued up to in the Cebu City Zoo to experience it.

2. Eggs for vagina energy

In the beauty realm, the year seemed to have witnessed an outrageous explosion of eggs. Beauty websites and magazines saluted the magical power of golf-sized jade eggs in restoring feminine elasticity and charm.

When Gwyneth Paltrow and her yoni sisters shared on their Goop lifestyle site that jade eggs could enhance vagina health, tone its muscles and increase its feminine energy, many desperate women fell victims to the hype.

Jade eggs have been trending in recent years and some celebrities swear that it is filled with energy, which would help restore muscle tones to the vagina.
Jade eggs have been trending in recent years and some celebrities swear that it is filled with energy, which would help restore muscle tones to the vagina.

Apart from the use of jade eggs, others have advocated washing the vagina with ground wasp nest, sticking a sachet of herbs up there, or gassing it with ozone and steam. However, obstetrician-gynaecologist Dr Jen Gunter dispelled these myths.

According to her, the vagina is self-cleaning and her advice is: “Do not under any circumstances put [weird alleged health product] in your vagina.”

3. Smart stickers for sore bones

Body Vibes “smart stickers” were in vogue in 2017, promising customers to slap the magic sticker on any part of the body that feels sore. These stickers came with playful emojis, for example, the one with a prayer emoji was said to be programmed with specific bio-frequencies that can target everything from pain, while a unicorn emoji sticker could alleviate skin conditions.

Customers were advised to wear for a 72-hour cycle to create a “corrective, balancing energy exchange” for the body. However, they felt there was a lack of assurance from the website’s disclaimer which read, “Body Vibes are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.”

Ridiculous as it sounds, these stickers were said to have been made with “the same conductive carbon material NASA uses to line space suits so they can monitor an astronaut’s vitals during wear”. An ex-NASA scientist Mark Shelhamer pointed out, “if they promote healing, why do they leave marks on the skin when they are removed?”

4. Yoni massage

Yoni massage is a spiritual treatment that has been practiced for thousands of years, both in India and China. This massage was said to help for healing and empowering women.

According to a masseur, “the ultimate goal of tantric massage is to open a woman’s yoni and let the amrita liquid flow.” Amrita is female ejaculation, which contains emotions of sadness, pain and pleasure.

Through this massage, recipients will be able to benefit from the release of emotions, so that they would not be left bottled up. Recipients will be able to open up and release traumatic build-up of emotions, helping them to experience full potential of pleasure and personal achievement.

Though it may seem bizarre to certain people, there is still the willingness of some to give it a try if it is beneficial.

5. Sound baths for a silent retreat

Relaxing music has been known to help people to unwind and is often used in meditation and relaxation, where science has even linked relaxing music to stress and anxiety reductions. Then, come the trend of sound baths, where one goes through an intimate meditation and power nap.

"We define them as an immersion in sound frequency that cleans the soul,” said Monte Hansen, a mentor of the session at Recharj to The Washington Post.

Though it does not have anything to do with taking a bath, people often said that they felt like “they are being submerged in sound”. The practice is not new, too, as Tibetans have been using the instruments for more than 2,000 years.

So, may it be eggs, snakes, cups, smart stickers or cascading waters, the year had come and gone with much of a bang—one that has been loud and dramatic, rediscovering antiquities and commonplace chattels from afar. It is like a jumble of random strokes and colours, weaving together a desperate canvas redefining the kaleidoscope of humanity. MIMS

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