Beyond private practice and mainstream hospital work, there are other work available for the men and women in the white coats. With many opportunities opening up, the choices of what else a doctor can do have exponentially increased.

Where Motivation and Innovation Meet

What was your reason to become a doctor in the first place? This specific reason may be one shared by the masses or one unique to the individual. More often than not, the benevolent reason is to make a difference in a person’s life by helping them return to good health, or save their lives, or lives of their loved ones.

There are many aspects of a person’s personality which makes us human beings complex individuals; although a doctor may want to save lives and cure the world of diseases, there are other ambitions or interests a doctor might have.

What Other Job Opportunities For Doctors Are There?

Outside the world of regular doctoring are other opportunities: Some doctors are naturally business-minded and want to establish one in-line with their profession; Other doctors want to put their creativity to good use, and channel them into works in black in white. With the gnawing yearning of wanting to do more with their lives – despite the time constraints their jobs already have – it is possible to do more.

1. Retirement Home

This is also termed as ‘Home for the Aged’, or ‘Elderly Care Home’. Being in the medical field, a doctor would be well-versed in what elderly individuals require, and what might be needed for the maintenance of this type of business. Though a certain level of business sense is needed, the foundation of what is required to run a successful retirement home has already been laid way back in medical school, and honed further through clinical practice. These types of homes can range from a modest facility with a few beds, to huge ones with numerous specialized care and services being provided.

2. Medical Spa

As compared to regular spas where massages, facials, nail care and the sort are provided, a medical spa essentially provides medical care and procedures on top of that. This type of facility is focused on health and wellness achieved through customized therapies and services available. Specialized treatments may include oncologic spa treatment – designed specifically for cancer patients who might have recently undergone radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or just patients who require some form of relief from the complications or symptoms of cancer. Such treatments include Myofascial Release (MFR) treatment, Restorative Oncology facials or body wraps, specific cancer-related pain massages and the like.

3. Medical Websites

In line with normal face to face consultation with patients, the opportunity of using the World Wide Web for extra income is right here. We live in a digital age, and telemedicine consultation websites are definitely in vogue now. Such websites are up and running, offering alternative jobs to doctors; or why not take it a step further? A doctor can start his or her own telemedicine company. This form of work allows medical advice to be sought easily online – via email or through real-time applications – going over medical papers, results or documents, and giving professional opinions on them, or to simply serve as an alternative platform for patients to follow-up with their attending physicians in a far more convenient manner.

4. Medical Consultancy

This is a project-based kind of work, wherein the doctor provides his or her professional medical advice to companies or organizations. These doctors are hired according to his or her specialty so as to tap into their specific medical expertise. This type of work could be for pharmaceutical companies, medical device creators, public sectors or private hospitals. It is not too different from offering advice to a patient actually, and it could very well challenge you in unexpected ways.

5. Write a Book

And there is of course, good, old-fashioned writing. The type of books that could be written are endless, ranging from contributing to medical knowledge such as medical textbooks for the next generation of healthcare professionals, to perhaps starting a med-comedy book trilogy. Who knows? Your books may very well hold the cure to a potential zombie apocalypse in future. Go on, grab a pen and paper, and start writing! MIMS