Volunteering is neither a long-standing commitment nor does it require you to spend a huge amount time out from your days. In fact, the more you volunteer, the more you will gain. Being a busy nurse should not be an excuse from doing volunteer work. Instead, by helping those in need, you are also indirectly influencing others in the community to play their part.

In the community

Volunteer activities can be either community or workplace-based. Contributing to society is rewarding experience. As a healthcare professional, you can utilise your clinical skills by joining an organisation like The Red Crescent (Malaysian Red Crescent, 2015). You will be a vital asset is helping to teach other volunteers in important life-saving techniques. Apart from that, you can also do volunteer work in other voluntary organizations. You can help them to build homes for flood victims, cleaning animal shelters or even teach under-privileged children.

Volunteering in the community allows you to be well-versed person, connect with the community and make it a better place. Undeniably, helping out with even the smallest tasks can make a real difference to the lives of people and organisations in need.

In the workplace

As a volunteer nurse in the workplace, it might require you to involve yourself in certain workplace initiatives. Some nurses grab this opportunity in order to acquire advance knowledge, upgrade their skills and strengthen their résumés. For instance, say there is a mentoring program organised in your department for new nurses. With you already having acquired the skills in managing similar programs, you can volunteer yourself to be the program manager for this event. While running the event, your employer might notice your capabilities as a program manager and as a result, they may even offer you a paid position for future events. Workplace volunteerism does not just broaden your experience, but it can also influence your career progression.

A volunteer for life

No matter which kind of volunteerism you prefer, it is important that you choose the one that best suits your preferences and personality. You can also choose to volunteer in a local, national or international level. Examples include volunteering to be a paramedic for athletes in a national sport events or spending your weekend in nursing homes with local team members. No matter what you do, always keep in mind that you should volunteer for something that you have a passion for, as it will keep you satisfied and you will love doing it.

For some nurses, it could be hard for them to find the right time to volunteer. Even so, once you have given it a go, most are likely to do it again in the future. The benefits of volunteering are enormous; for you, your family and the community at large. Volunteering does not only offer vital help to people in need and the community, but the benefits can be even greater for you, the volunteer. MIMS

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