• 5 challenges Singapore’s polyclinic doctors face
    In Singapore, polyclinics play a crucial role in delivering primary healthcare to lower income groups. However, doctors who work at polyclinics face challenges that need to be addressed.
  • Singapore's MOH to improve palliative care by increasing inpatient beds
    To meet the needs of an ageing population, the Ministry of Health will be upgrading palliative care services through funding as well as increasing inpatient beds by 2020.
  • Ethical practices vs practical medical decisions: The debate presses on for Singapore
    In the Singapore context, the need for medical treatment for both chronic and general illnesses such as cancer, pneumonia and ischaemic heart diseases have been on the rise. The more cases there are, the more ethical dilemmas are bound to arise, which leads to more constant questions about whether the Hippocratic oath can sometimes be bypassed for practical purposes, in order to suit the population’s needs. 
  • Singapore's research agency A*STAR set to restructure for better R&D
    The restructuring will address the aims of the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE ) and align more closely to Research Innovation Enterprise (RIE) 2020, a S$19 billion plan to support Singapore's R&D efforts over five years.
  • Plastic surgeon fined for unlawful access of SGH computer system
    Dr Leo Kah Woon downloaded a keylogging software to intercept his wife’s communications and illegally used the Singapore General Hospital’s computer system to access data, after he suspected that she was having an affair.
  • Singaporean oncologist appeals against conviction of professional misconduct
    Dr Ang Peng Tiam has appealed against his conviction before a Court of Three Judges yesterday, after he was fined S$25,000 by the SMC in 2016 for charges of professional misconduct.
  • The many facets of rising healthcare costs in Singapore
    According to the Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) Health Research Institute, the projected increase in global medical costs in 2017 is likely to be the same as that of 2016, i.e. 6.5%. However, the situation of rising medical costs appears to be much worse in Singapore, where according to a report, elderly healthcare costs are projected to rise tenfold over the next 15 years to more than US$49 billion (SG$66 billion) annually. 
  • IMH patient jailed two years for kicking and stomping fellow patient's head
    A patient from Singapore’s Institute of Mental Health has been sentenced with a two-year jail term for inflicting severe injuries to a fellow patient by kicking and stomping on his head.
  • Patient confidentiality in Singapore: When is this ethically breakable?
    Confidentiality between patients and their doctors is one of the most essential pillars of medicine; ensuring that a patient’s private details are protected is not only respecting him, but also crucial in retaining the trust of the patient. This article takes a closer look at the state of patient confidentiality in Singapore.
  • A closer look at Singapore's National Pharmacy Competency Standards
    The competency standards for Pharmacist for Advanced Practice was developed by the Chief Pharmacist’s Office, Ministry of Health and was published in July 2016. It was a joint effort from various pharmacist-leads from numerous institutions to serve as a general guide for institutional and individual appraisal so as to encourage continued growth in the profession. Let's take a closer look at these standards to gain a deeper understanding.