Other than access to health stations for people living in remote areas, one problem is providing electricity continuously to the health facilities so they can serve patients any time, any day.

The regional health office of MIMAROPA (4B) is again managing a local problem based on local solutions and has identified 29 rural health stations where it will install a Solar Home System (SHS) to ensure it can deliver healthcare services all day, all week.

“We will be installing these in health facilities that are located in island villages, mountain communities and remote areas of the provinces that has limited sources of electricity, those that are powered by generators and those that have no means of reliable energy at all,” Regional Director Eduardo Janairo said.

The SHSs are meant to aid health workers during the birthing process, for maternity care, surgery and other medical procedures.

Currently, there are already 14 RHUs being powered by solar energy. An SHS can provide electricity to operate a refrigerator for 24 hours, electric fans for 8 hours, 12 units of LED bulbs for a maximum of 10 hours and a compressor for dental equipment for 6 hours.

Each SHS has a 150 Watts capacity, according to the region’s department.

The Department of Science and Technology is tasked to handle the Installation of the SHS.

Director Janairo further said they will install 15 more SHS in all RHUs with RxBox in other areas of the region to help power these devices that will enable remote consultations with patients in these far-flung communities.

RxBox is a DOST-developed 6 in 1 portable telehealth device that allows point of care data capture, storage and sharing capabilities. The device could help in diagnosis, monitoring and treating patients remotely.

Director Janairo assured that all health facilities in MIMAROPA which need alternative and uninterruptable power source will be soon provided with SHS.

The 14 RHUs installed with SHS include those in Paraiso in Lubang, Guitna in Looc, Occidental Mindoro, Poblacion in Baco and in Mansalay in Oriental Mindoro, in Torrijos, Casan, Buenavista, Mogpog in Marinduque, Magdiwang and San Jose in Carabao Island in Romblon, Agutaya, Cagayancillo, Dumaran and Linapacan in Palawan. MIMS

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