The government announced last Friday the reappointment of Professor John Chi-yan Leong as Hospital Authority (HA) Chairman for a term of two years with effect from December 1, 2017. Leong has been appointed as HA Chairman since 2013.

Leong said he was honoured to have worked with the 70,000 professional and committed staff members of HA over the past four years. "It is my greatest honour to be reappointed to continue our joint endeavour to enhance public healthcare services for the people of Hong Kong.

"In the past two years, we have implemented various initiatives according to the action plan on the implementation of the recommendations of the HA Review, from re-delineation of cluster boundaries and development of a refined population-based model to inform resource allocation, to improving waiting time and service access to specialist out-patient clinics and accident and emergency departments. These could not be achieved without the dedication of our staff amid the challenges of manpower shortfalls, demand surges and a continuously ageing population," he said.

"With the new triennium progressive funding arrangement committed by the government, one of my priority tasks ahead is to ensure the formulation and implementation of proactive plans and sustained initiatives through medium-term strategies to augment the capacity of public hospital services and manpower to meet the challenges of the ever-growing demand and an ageing population," he added.

Leong said he looks forward to continue working closely with the Food and Health Bureau and the HA Board to safeguard the healthcare wellbeing of the people of Hong Kong.

The Chief Executive of HA, Dr Pak-yin Leung, on behalf of the Authority's staff members, welcomed the government's reappointment, and said that he and his colleagues would continue to pledge their full support to working with Leong. "I am confident that the HA will continue to sail through the challenges under the guidance of Professor Leong's wisdom and visions, along with his wealth of knowledge and experience in the medical profession and public service." MIMS

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