• Drug company hiked cost of baby medicine by 85,000%, denies any wrongdoing
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals agreed to settle charges of anti-competitive practices by paying a USD100 million fine and allow a competitor to produce a similar medication related to Acthar gel - a lifesaving medication for infantile spasms and multiple sclerosis.
  • DOH’s diet supplementation programme eyed in Pampanga, Zambales

    A hundred nutritionally-at-risk pregnant women will be chosen from two provinces in Central Luzon to be the first recipients of the Department of Health’s (DOH) First 1,000 Days Program, and will be provided with nutrient-fortified meals to combat low birth weight.

  • General Practitioners (GPs) to work with Health Ministry in planning of bundle system
    The Malaysian Medical Association is working with the MOH in the planning of a bundle system to reduce medical costs for patients. Meanwhile, the Medical Practitioners Coalition Association Of Malaysia (MPCAM) is also in discussions with the Health Ministry to increase GP roles and review their professional fees.
  • PH: Solon pushes for modernization of local healthcare facilities

    A lawmaker is pushing to allot one billion pesos in annual funding to update deteriorating public health facilities with the aim of making health services more accessible to the public, especially in far-flung areas.

  • Hong Kong Medical Council reform: A rocky road
    Although a reform is urgently needed to accelerate hearing processes, the Medical Registration (Amendment) Bill 2016 failed to attain approval from the Legislative Council after a marathon of debates.
  • Japan trains Filipino farmers in organic farming tech

    Thousands of farmers in the Philippines were trained in organic farming technology by the Japanese to become more competitive in the industry and to provide healthier options for local consumers.

  • PH: Food bank for young indigents set up in province

    The local government of Isabela, Philippines has embarked on a food bank project meant to provide food for its young and indigent constituents.

  • Big Pharma found to influence guideline writers, patient advocacy groups and doctors
    A series of papers on money and influence have unlocked the Pandora’s box of the pharmaceutical industry's influence on medicine and healthcare. The recent studies showed that they influence those who write guidelines that outline doctors' practices, patient advocacy organisations, letter writers to the CDC, and even oncologists on Twitter.
  • What healthcare professionals need to know about RA 9165
    The Philippines’ war on illegal drugs has been consistently making the headlines in various international news publications, and has been widely criticised locally. As healthcare professionals, acquiring drugs that Philippine laws deem as dangerous can cost not just a lot of money, but the cancellation of their license to practice medicine as well. It pays to know some of the provisions of Republic Act 9165 or the Dangerous Drug Act of 2002.
  • Speech pathologists: Addressing communication conditions
    A speech and language pathologist shares her experiences as a professional, insights on the problems that the industry is facing right now, and the rewards that make all of these worth it.