• Japan trains Filipino farmers in organic farming tech

    Thousands of farmers in the Philippines were trained in organic farming technology by the Japanese to become more competitive in the industry and to provide healthier options for local consumers.

  • PH: Food bank for young indigents set up in province

    The local government of Isabela, Philippines has embarked on a food bank project meant to provide food for its young and indigent constituents.

  • What healthcare professionals need to know about RA 9165
    The Philippines’ war on illegal drugs has been consistently making the headlines in various international news publications, and has been widely criticised locally. As healthcare professionals, acquiring drugs that Philippine laws deem as dangerous can cost not just a lot of money, but the cancellation of their license to practice medicine as well. It pays to know some of the provisions of Republic Act 9165 or the Dangerous Drug Act of 2002.
  • Speech pathologists: Addressing communication conditions
    A speech and language pathologist shares her experiences as a professional, insights on the problems that the industry is facing right now, and the rewards that make all of these worth it.
  • DOH dares critics to present  better alternatives to reduce HIV/AIDS

    The Department of Health (DOH) chief Paulyn Ubial took to Social Media to ask those who oppose the condom distribution plan if they have better alternatives in lowering the cases of STIs in the country, and if they do, the department is open to hear it.

  • EU backs PH program rehabilitating drug dependents

    The European Union, after initially criticizing the Philippine government’s war on drugs, is now offering its help by shifting its funding from the health sector to the more specific rehabilitation of drug dependents.

  • A Filipino pharmacist in Singapore: Invest in training young pharmacists
    MIMS sat down with Krister Eunice Basbas Padilla, one of the first SPC-recognised Filipino pharmacists in Singapore, to talk about what she has learned from working in the Lion City, and what she thinks can help improve the pharmacy profession in the Philippines.
  • PH unprepared for sex talk – DOH

    With the Health Department’s condom distribution plans facing opposition from the Catholic Church and the local government of Quezon City, Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial has said that the school system, and the country by extension, is not ready for sex talk.

  • DOH in 2017: Cheaper medications, efficient universal health coverage

    The Department of Health (DOH), for this 2017, will focus on measures which will ensure universal health coverage and lower drug prices of both maintenance and essential to make them available to Filipinos, among others.

  • PH town tailors Cuban style healthcare system to local community

    The Filipino adaptation of the much-lauded Cuban healthcare system will start in Candaba, Pampanga, bringing with it multiple polyclinics and cooperation between public and private health professionals.