• The rise of hyaluronic acid in facial products
    Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in many important areas of the human body, especially in the joints, eyes and skin. From being traditionally used in clinics, HA has now entered the realm of cosmetics and skincare.
  • DOH: Athletes in national sportsfest need to drink every 15 minutes

    With temperatures hitting the mid-30s (Celsius), young athletes participating in the national sports competition Palarong Pambansa 2017, have been urged by the Department of Health to continuously take fluids even when not thirsty, to avoid heatstroke.

  • The tale of the original Siamese twins
    Did you know that the infamous term “Siamese twins” is coined after Chang and Eng Bunker, conjoined twin brothers from Siam who became internationally known in the 19th century?
  • 9 more teas to boost health and energy
    Tea is a good calorie-free substitute for sugary beverages. Furthermore, tea also offers an abundance of health benefits like aiding in weight loss, boosting the immune system and fighting off cancer development.
  • 5 unusual genes that create real-life superheroes
    Geneticists believe we could be years from creating real heroes with real power as astonishing discoveries prove these are real resilient people whose only difference lies in their genes.
  • The role of migraines in anxiety disorders
    The relationship between common physical symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and psychological distress has been explored extensively. It has been shown that anxiety disorders are more common among adults with migraines.
  • PH: DOH cautions against cooking oil overuse

    The Department of Health has warned the public against frequent re-use of cooking oil, and to particularly avoid those that have already turned dark due to numerous re-use, for health reasons.

  • Best medical tourism spots around the world
    The cost of healthcare varies between countries and is particularly expensive in places such as the US or UK. Many people seek healthcare in other countries which offer the same quality of care, but at much lower prices. Here are some countries that many international patients seek care at.
  • Last phase of mass dengue vaccination drive on
    The final phase of the mass dengue vaccination drive in three regions where the disease is most prevalent commences in a few weeks.
  • Training for public school officials in tobacco control policy implementation

    Teachers and other public school officials will soon undergo the Department of Education’s (DepEd) training on the enforcement of its tobacco control policy.