• Medical professionals “face off” with Manchester bombing – combating ‘war zone’ injuries
    A terrorist attack outside Manchester Arena, UK—killed 22 people, including children, while injured 59 others—with medical professionals in the community were seen rushing over to aid the victims.
  • 3 Singaporean studies contribute to modern medicine
    Scientists in Singapore have conducted quality research and yielded exciting results to fill the gaps in various areas of healthcare.
  • Young PWDs paint murals to raise public health awareness

    The recently held mural painting event organized by the Department of Health had twin objectives: empower persons with disabilities by showcasing their talents, and raise awareness on public health problems.

  • The emergence of superbugs
    Today it is estimated that around the world, 700,000 people die every year from infections caused by bacteria resistant to antibiotics, but when did superbugs emerge?
  • MOH plans to eradicate AIDS in Malaysia by 2030
    In efforts to tackle AIDS in Malaysia, the MOH sets targets to eradicate the disease and also successfully stopped peddlers selling illegal AIDS-treating pills.
  • Singapore's healthcare companies buy out private clinics to capitalise on medical tourism
    Healthcare companies in Singapore have been acquiring local clinics to expand in the region's medical-care market. This has rewarded investors with an average 50% gain in the past year and the companies are keen on continuing this rally throughout the year. Is the trend expected to continue?
  • DOH wants e-cigs also banned in public outdoor, indoor areas
    The Department of Health is mulling ways to include e-cigarettes and vaporizers in the nationwide smoking ban, because these non-tobacco products are presently exempt from Executive Order 26.

  • One in four pneumonia patients fail first prescription of antibiotics
    A new study has revealed the effects of rising antibiotic resistance on treatment of community-acquired pneumonia patients. G20 health ministers have agreed to implement plans to curb antibiotic resistance by 2018.
  • Antidepressants in pregnancy: The big dispute
    The use of antidepressants during pregnancy has been a heavily debated topic bringing about numerous research ventures and room for discussion.
  • WHO welcomes Tedros as newly-director-general
    Health officials from 186 countries have elected Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, a former Ethiopian health minister, to lead the World Health Organisation (WHO). All eyes would be on the newly-elected leader for the U.N. health agency—as Tedros (who prefers to go by his first name) is expected to address funding issues, and simultaneously exert political leadership to care for the health of 7 billion people.