According to the latest ranking of 200 careers by CareerCast, being a pharmacist is the 29th best job in the United States.

This year’s ranking was lower compared to last year, where the pharmacist ranked 27th out of 200.

In its report, CareerCast noted that, “Health care is one of the US economy’s pillars, sustaining growth even though there have been employment downturns in other industries. Increased access to health care and more emphasis on preventative care have further fueled the importance of health care professions.

In 2015, CareerCast described the role of the pharmacists as those who “advise physicians and patients on the effects of drugs and medications as well as prepare and dispense prescriptions.”

But this year, the pharmacist’s roles were described as “dispenses prescription medications to patients and offers expertise in the safe use of prescriptions; also may conduct health and wellness screenings, provide immunizations, oversee the medications given to patients, and provide advice on healthy lifestyles.”

This description shows that there is an even greater shift toward the many valuable patient-centered roles pharmacists play.

The rankings were based on four criteria, namely environment, income, outlook and stress. Data on hiring projections and salary were obtained from the Bureau of Labour Statistics.
Jobs that have more competitiveness, hazards, peril, public contact, physical demands, bad work conditions, and confinement have higher environment scores.

On the other hand, jobs with travel, deadlines, public personas, competitiveness, physical demands, harsh environmental conditions, low growth potential, hazards, lives at risk, and interactions with the public have higher stress rankings.

Pharmacists had a 48.2 environment score, 14.7 stress score, 3.6 hiring outlook, which suggests a somewhat poor rating. The income was estimated to be around US$121,170.

Pharmacy technicians ranked 42nd with an environment score of 44.7, a stress score of 9.1 and a hiring outlook of 10.25. A pharmacy technician’s income was around US$30,000.

The top 5 careers in 2016 according to CareerCast are data scientist, statistician, information security analyst, audiologist and diagnostic medical sonographer.

On the other hand, the 5 worst jobs, starting from last place are newspaper reporter, logger, broadcaster, disc jockey, and enlisted military personnel.

Stephen F. Eckel, editor-in-chief of the Pharmacy Times Health System Edition, noted that it is encouraging to see “the image others have of pharmacists is shifting toward a patient-care perspective.”

In 2015, pharmacist ranked 77th in’s 100 highest paid jobs in Singapore. MIMS