Health officials from Guinobatan, Albay are considering declaring a Chikungunya outbreak in the next few months after tracking 122 cases, with the number still rising.


Presently, the officials are engaged in monitoring the cases and in preventive measures against the mosquitoes.


Chikungunya is a disease causing sudden onset of fever and joint pains. It is transmitted by mosquitoes.


Other affected areas in Albay include the villages of Buladbucad, Pegueno, Masarawang, Maninila, Bubulusan, Banao, Ilawod, Kalsada, Poblacion, and Iraya, according to a local daily.


Since January to June 28, 122 people have shown symptoms of the mosquito-borne disease such as fatigue, muscle pain, headache and rashes. Though death is rare, the disease can cause severe complications. mostly in adults.


Guinobatan health officials also noted that few patients are now seeking consultation because their illnesses resolve. However, related patients will still undergo blood tests to confirm the presence of the disease presence.


Treatments are usually targeted at relieving the symptoms through rest, fluid resuscitation and medications. Symptoms usually resolve within 7 to 10 days.


Previously, health officials in the province asked the residents to observe the “four O’clock habit”  in which all containers with stagnant water and other possible breeding areas for mosquito should be emptied or cleaned.


Meanwhile, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) working in Taiwan was found positive with Chikungunya upon her return to the country. She was in the Philippines from June 8 to June 23. This is the 6th case in Taiwan for this year.


In October last year, the province of Cavite declared a Chikungunya outbreak after 400 cases were recorded, according to Department of Health (DOH). Cases were reported from January up to that time the data was released.


Chikungunya is a tropical disease commonly found in Africa, Asia and India, but recently showed up in Italy, France and Croatia. There is currently no vaccine for the disease. MIMS


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