One of South Florida’s most infamous plastic surgeons has allegedly distorted a man’s penis during an unlicensed cosmetic surgery. The accused Mark Schreiber has been linked to a series of high-profile botched surgeries and two patient deaths over the years of his illegal practice.

His defense attorney described her client as a devoted family man who travelled to South America to help the poor in his capacity as a doctor. “He gave back to his community,” she said.

However, the judge was swayed in the prosecution’s favour, even though Florida law authorises Schreiber be given the chance for release on the charges.

“If I could hold him no-bond, I would,” said judge Miguel de la O.

Surgeon has a long history of medical malpractice

“He has no business practicing medicine and touching another human being,” prosecutor Warren Eth said.

“This man epitomises the danger to the community. He is a flight risk.”

His story dates all the way back in 1998, where Schreiber was placed on probation after he messed up on a penis enlargement and face lift procedure that killed a patient.

Four years later, Schreiber was investigated for the death of Ralph DiGiovanni who died of a heart attack two days after a neck lift at the surgeon’s office.

The icing on the cake occurred in 2005, when several patients gathered openly to complain about his work officially. His license was suspended in that same year year after a woman filed for sexual assault during a surgery. But surprisingly he continued to practice medicine afterward, until he was forced to give up his license on year later.

On the same accounts of misconduct, Schreiber was eventually arrested and served two years in prison for illegally operating on four different women.

One very bad apple reflects poorly on other physicians

The horror that these unprofessional doctors put their patients through is a shame as it reflects terribly on a highly regarded profession.

Since his release from prison, Schreiber has continued to practice illegally, according to prosecutors and had even broadened his scope of criminal activity to drug possession, for which he accepted a plea deal.

In a similar case, Dr Perito from neighbouring Miami had been accused of operating on a man in 2006 who received a botched “penis filler” operation from another suspected illegal doctor. In a Hialeah warehouse, Perito performed the surgery on Hank who upon regaining consciousness at home, discovered that “blood soaked bandages” and that his penis has been “mutilated.”

"You know when you're a kid and you get kicked in the nuts, how bad it hurts?" Hank remembers.

"It was past that. It was unbearable pain. Sometimes I have dreams. But I'm in so much pain, sex is the last thing on my mind. I don't think they have enough money to pay me for what they've done to me. They can never replace it. They can't give me a rubber leg. I don't know what they'd put there." MIMS

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