One of the purposes of patient engagement is to improve the health results of patients and increase the value of a medical practice. With the competitive healthcare market today, patient engagement tools play a huge part in increasing the value of a medical practice.

A different approach to patient engagement

Medical practices that are considered successful make use of the patient engagement tools by optimising the patient portals usage and using mobile technology to connect with patients. These practices swear by online presence and online reputation, both of which should be maintained on a daily basis.

It is also important to target the core audience of the practice. To further enhance their patient engagement methods, these practices are most likely going to upgrade their services for the betterment of the patients.

Medical practices can make good use of many available tools for patient engagement. Patient portals are important for patients to be more involved in their healthcare situation.

These portals will also help them get preventive care and screenings. Patients will also be to access their lab results as well as perform online scheduling.

A good portal design is very important to get the right patient outcomes. This consists of a range of features that will allow the patients to make appointments, check the lab results, ask for refills of their medication, obtain easy access to educational materials and be able to get in touch with their doctors or the staff in charge. The portal should also allow patients to make pay the practice for its services.

Increasing the value of the practice

By having these features, the practice will help its patients save time as they will not have to call in and wait on the line to make these requests. A mother with children can fill in her information online before coming in.

Additionally, sick patients can learn more about their health issues through the education information that has been provided by the doctor on the portal. Patients, who enjoy using the portal, are the ones that show better outcomes when it comes to their health.

While patients have better results through the use of the portal, practices too, get better results in terms of performance. Patient-flow becomes easier since patients are able to access the appointment scheduling feature on the portal.

Catering to tech savvy patients

Healthcare and patient engagement are already on-the-go these days, thanks to mobile technology. Mobile devices are being heavily used by patients to monitor their health and to also learn new things about their medical condition.

Through mobile technology, patients can get access to a range of health apps. This is a trend that will be increasing as more and more patients are becoming tech savvy to adapt to the current world situation.

Due to this, doctors also have to make use of the apps that patients use to familiarise themselves with its features. Some of the health apps available make patients’ lives easier and will only benefit them in the long run. It is a great way to increase patient engagement and also increase the value of a practice. Mobile technology in healthcare is the now and the future.

Closer to the patients

Patient engagement tools will help doctors and their practice in ways that they have never experienced before. With technology being available in every form these days, patients will find it hard to believe that their doctors do not want to engage with them or are not available to them online.

This type of patient engagement not only enhances the relationship between patients and their doctors, but also helps to maintain and increase the value of a medical practice. What patients will learn from their experience at their practice is how much their doctors care for them and their well-being. Also, doctors will get a chance to know and understand their patients better. MIMS

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