Nurses are an integral part of the healthcare system, and are often referred to as the heart of healthcare. The nursing profession is one of the most highly demanded in the world, and requires much commitment and dedication.

Essentially, nurses play the role of a caregiver, communicator and teacher among others. Here we will look at the qualities that they possess that differentiate them from the rest of the crowd and make them so special.

1. Great problem-solving skills

Nurses are trained to think quickly and make decisions on the spot; their ability to do this will allow them to solve issues at the point of occurrence and mitigate dangerous situations before they start to escalate.

Although difficult circumstances may arise in any career, nurses are required to deal with ill patients, severe trauma cases, grieving families, emergencies and liaise with doctors. In view of this, the quick thinking abilities that nurses possess as a result of their profession make them unique from the rest.

2. Strong focus and responsiveness

Essentially, being prepared to handle the unexpected is one of the job descriptions that is listed for nursing. Emergencies can occur very suddenly, and difficult situations can arise out of nowhere. This trains nurses to be alert and quick to respond to the circumstances at hand.

Nurses are aware that taking time to respond to a situation in their profession will leave room for it to worsen, making it crucial that they keep their head in a crisis and maintain a calm attitude.

3. High standards of professionalism

Nurses are trained to be professional in their approach towards work. Regardless of whether it is meeting with and attending to patients, administering medication or maintaining patient records, nurses are taught how to do all of these things in a skilled and ethical manner.

Additionally, nurses come into contact with patients from different age groups, races, genders, communities and socioeconomic backgrounds – in view of this, they are used to dealing with all kinds of patients, including difficult ones, and treating them back with respect and dignity.

4. Respect for people and rules

The golden rules of nursing are to remain impartial, to be mindful of confidentiality requirements, to be respectful of the different cultures and to honour the wishes of their patients.

Nurses understand the importance of respecting the hospital staff and patients, and how they affect overall patient care.

5. Pays great attention to detail

Good nurses are aware that making a mistake in patient care can lead to grave consequences. This is why they learn to pay careful attention to detail and avoid missteps in the procedures that they perform.

Regardless of whether it is reading a patient’s chart or taking note of the details of a medical case, nurses take nothing for granted. In a profession where even a tiny mistake may lead to the loss of a patient’s life, paying attention to detail is a quality that could spell the difference between life and death. MIMS

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