Hectic schedules, long hours, difficult patients – all these factors are but commonplace in your nursing job, but they can definitely take a toll on you in the long run.

Unsurprisingly, burnout is becoming more prevalent in the healthcare sector, especially amongst nurses. According to a 2014 study conducted on 146 nurses in Singapore, it was found that a significant 33% of nurses suffer from burnout.

Thus, it is certainly time to take steps to combat work stress. For starters, blogging might be one great way for you to cope with your stress and unwind after an arduous day at work. Here are six ways that blogging can help to reduce your stress.

1. Inform people about a day in a nurse’s life

All too often, the public has misperceptions about what a nurse’s job is really like. Contrary to what others may believe, a nurse does not just spend the whole day carrying food and serving water. And now, with your blog, you can be the voice that corrects these entrenched misperceptions!

Blogging about your life as a nurse enables you to connect to a wider audience and inform more people about the troubles, joys and stresses that are all part of a nurse’s daily grind. Tell the world about the challenges that you face everyday at work, and you might just inspire some members of the public to change their views towards nurses.

2. Writing provides an avenue for stress relief

Had a long day at work? Try penning down your thoughts and emotions on your blog for some much-needed respite from your work stress. Decades of studies and research have shown that writing and blogging about your emotions can help to improve your emotional well-being.

After a busy day of being kept on your toes and tending to patients, you still need some space of your own to reflect, unwind and vent your stress. In such cases, maintaining a nursing blog can certainly help to provide you with some healthy respite to your daily work stress.

3. Encourage aspiring nurses

Blogging about your nursing job can not only help to relieve your stress, but also provide a source of inspiration for nursing students and other aspiring nurses. Many new nurses often depend on nursing blogs for the latest insider scoops in the field, and there is no better way for you to contribute than to blog about your own experiences.

Talk about your daily experiences and be generous in sharing your knowledge with aspiring new nurses out there. Your blog might just help to motivate a new nurse to press on in her job. There’s simply nothing more gratifying in knowing that you have helped out a fellow nurse in getting past her struggles and stresses.

4. Have your voice heard

It can be difficult to speak up about the structural problems inherent in the healthcare sector, especially when your next big promotion is looming over your head. Try blogging about your work woes instead.

This way, you can air out your grievances without having to confront the top-tier management directly. At the same time, fellow nurses in the nursing blog community can also provide useful comments to your posts and empathise with your frustrations. Chances are, you are not the only one facing the same problem.

5. Interact with and learn from others

The nursing blog community is a close-knit one. When your blog gains traction in the field and eventually builds up a consistent audience, you will get the opportunity to communicate and interact with other nurses from various fields and disciplines from across the world.

Through such an international nursing network, you will be able to obtain more knowledge from fellow nurses and expand your worldview. Plus, it always helps to know that there are others – whether right here or on the other side of the world - who share your concerns and stresses.

6. Reignite your love for nursing

Your blog also acts as a nursing diary of sorts. Keep a consistent log of the daily joys in your nursing career. When the going gets tough, looking through these posts will help to remind you about why you chose nursing in the first place and refuel your passion for the field.

There will always be ups and downs in the medical field, and even when things go well, there is never really an easy day. But through blogging, you will eventually find it much easier to cope with the daily stresses of a nursing job. MIMS


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