Should calamity strike and blood is necessary to save lives, Navotas City, north of the metropolis, will likely be able to respond with dispatch.

Led by the local chief executive, Mayor John Rey Tiongco, a blood-letting project dubbed “Type ng Bayan” was held, the goal of which is to create a national blood type database for Filipinos.

The local official was joined by 694 residents, who came to have their blood types determined.

The result - 332 were O+, 145 were A+, 180 were identified as B+, 36 had the rare AB+ blood type and one was A-, local daily Manila Standard reported.

The special project is an initiative of the Office of the President, and carried into fruition by the Cabinet Spouses’ Association.

It is a free blood-typing programme conducted by local government units in partnership with the Departments of Health and Interior and Local Government.

Its objective appears simple - make Filipinos aware of their blood type so they can be of help during emergencies in their communities - such as when there are earthquakes or flooding and victims require transfusion.

But in a country where blood for emergencies is in short supply or hard to come by, the project is significant.

Mayor Tiongco pointed out that many Filipinos are clueless as to their blood type, which prevents them from reaching out in times of need.

Previously, the Type ng Bayan was held in Paranaque City in March and Quezon City just last May.

As was done in the first two activities, an identification card will eventually be issued to blood typing participants, which logically means a lift of at least five other persons bearing the same blood type, within the locality who may be called upon in case of emergency.

The Philippine Association of Medical Technologist (PAMET) have agreed to deploy registered medical technologists to local government units who conduct such event to handle the sample collection.

The Department of Health (DOH) meanwhile, is working on obtaining a blood supply adequacy by the end of 2017, in line with the Philippine Health Agenda. MIMS

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