Two Nobel laureates will grace the 10th anniversary of Frontiers in Cancer Science (FCS) 2018 to be held from 12–14 November at the University Cultural Centre, National University of Singapore (NUS).

“This year we have two speakers who were awarded a Nobel Prize,” said Dr Philipp Kaldis, FCS 2018 chair. “In addition, we have highly accomplished international speakers as well as the best speakers from Singapore in cancer research.”

The Nobel Prize recipients are Andrew Fire, an American biologist and professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine, and Paul Modrich, an American biochemist, professor at Duke University and investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Fire won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2006, while Modrich won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2016.

Other notable international speakers include Omar Abdel-Wahab (US), Dafna Bar-Sagi (US), Stephen Baylin (US), Karlene Cimprich (US), Vishva Dixit (US), Elaine Fuchs (US), Geoff Lindeman (Australia), Hiroshi Maeda (Japan), Anjana Rao (US), Feyrooz Rassool (US), Andrew Roberts (US), and Manuel Serrano (Spain).

“The main objective is to bring international science stars together with scientists and clinicians from Singapore to have them interact, discuss, and network. In addition, it is important to provide access to many students from Singapore in order that they can interact with senior scientists,” said Kaldis.

The 3-day conference offers engaging discussions on methods and strategies related to management, quality improvement of cancer, as well as new ideas and concepts on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancers.

Participants are expected to gain useful insights from major discussion points, which will be based on the novel advancements in oncology, and from oral talks, poster presentations, and exhibitions.

FCS 2018 is a joint event organized by the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore, NUS; Duke-NUS Medical School; Genome Institute of Singapore; Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology; Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine; National Cancer Centre Singapore; and National University Cancer Institute, Singapore.

“We strongly encourage oncologists and oncology-related [healthcare practitioners] to attend since we always strive to include clinician-scientists and scientists working in the clinic to speak at the conference,” Kaldis said. “At the end of the day, cancer research scientists and oncologists are in the same boat – we need to be talking to each other at least once a week.”

Inaugurated in 2009, FCS 2018 seeks insights about the ongoing and future prospects of cancer research worldwide, gathering some of the top cancer experts in the world to share their latest advances and breakthroughs in the areas of cancer science, stem cell research and anticancer drug discoveries.