• Malaysian medical practitioners demand for removal of middlemen in healthcare services
    Doctors request for healthcare services – commonly controlled by third parties – to be regulated by the government to avoid exorbitant patient bills and unpaid doctor’s fees.
  • ‘TeleRehab’ increases accessibility to physiotherapy in Singapore
    With the introduction of the Smart Health TeleRehab system, Singaporeans can now undergo physiotherapy from the comfort of their home.
  • Komodo dragon blood may be the new antibiotic
    In an era where antibiotics resistance has reached a critical stage, researchers believe that utilising antibiotics derived from komodo dragon-inspired synthetic peptides may be solution to this problem.
  • PH: President signs order banning smoking nationwide
    President Rodrigo Duterte keeps his promise to ban smoking nationwide with the signing of Executive Order 26.
  • News Bites: Mussel secretion could prevent scars in wound healing, Orlando doctor injects herpes to fight skin cancer
    This week, an Ebola outbreak in DRC has prompted the WHO to prepare an experimental Ebola vaccine in an attempt to fight the outbreak. Researchers from Stanford University on the other hand, have developed a drug delivery tool that could administer personalised dosages of medicines, while a pair of Australian entrepreneurs have developed a "Tinder-style" app Baby to "bring people together solely based on their desire to make a baby."
  • Improved life expectancy for HIV-positive patients
    Healthcare for HIV patients has improved significantly over the past two decades. A recent study provided evidence of the rapid progress made in improving the quality of life for HIV-positive patients.
  • The woman who prevented an epidemic of birth defects in the US
    While thalidomide caused an epidemic of birth defects around the world in the early 1960s – the US has escaped from the health catastrophe, credited to a Canadian heroine.
  • China imposes extreme punishments to counter fake clinical trial data submissions
    China has announced a policy shift on 11 May, which sentences those who submit faked clinical trial data into jail; and in extreme circumstances be executed. The shift was sparked after China's Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) ordered companies to re-evaluate "the authenticity, integrity and compliance of clinical trial data" – in pending applications for new drugs in 2015. Does this mean an improved approval process for the CFDA?
  • Painkillers found to increase the risk of heart attacks
    A recent study suggests the link between common painkillers and heart attacks. The data was analysed to discover the outcome, which may change how painkillers were once prescribed.
  • Expert urges physicians to test TB patients for HIV
    An infectious disease expert is encouraging physicians to have patients with the TB bacteria be tested for HIV, saying nearly half a million people worldwide die of HIV and TB co-infection annually.