As the demand for skilled healthcare professionals grows every year, MIMS Career is committed to further enhance its recruitment offerings Asia wide. Since its launch last July, MIMS Career has received an overwhelming response from jobseekers across Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

Headhunting service now available

To date, MIMS Career has been assisting candidates with submitting job applications only. The addition of a headhunting service will support candidates until successful job placement and provides a seamless experience for the candidate ensuring a successful transition. This service is currently available in Malaysia and Singapore only.

The headhunting process

1. Healthcare professionals can:
       a. Apply for vacancies posted by MIMS Career recruiters
       b. Request for a headhunting service

2. MIMS Career recruiters will contact the applicant to learn about the applicant’s background and job search in detail.

3. MIMS Career recruitment team will seek to match a job opening on the network of healthcare employers based on the applicant’s preferences.

4. An interview with the prospective employer will be scheduled.

5. Upon a successful job offer, the applicant may choose accept, or continue to seek new opportunities. MIMS Career recruiters will continue to support the applicant until successful job placement.

Why choose MIMS Career?

Finding the right talent for the right job requires a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry including specific nuances. MIMS has been committed to empowering healthcare communities for over 50 years. As a result of the well-established extensive MIMS networks, opportunities for vacancies in United Kingdom are available as well.

New Features

In view of the latest headhunting service launch, several upgrades have been made to existing services.

Resume Builder

Submit your information to the interactive resume builder to generate a well-formatted resume. Access resume builder here.

Scouting System

Let MIMS Career do the job hunting for you. Recruiters will regularly inform applicants about updated job openings available.

Active SNS Engagement

Jobseekers can contact MIMS Career on its local Facebook page. Access professional development resources, explore new vacancies or submit any queries online.

Malaysia Facebook – Nurse
Singapore Facebook – Nurse
*Coming soon: Singapore-based doctors

MIMS Career Blog

The MIMS Career blog features career development articles, trending conversations involving education, work-life balance and more.

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