Modern medicine is truly amazing; however, it can only go so far. We have all had that miracle story where our patient, who by science should not be alive, has found their way to the light and lived.

Only a miracle can save him

Every day we learn something new and every now and then we witness miracles. Medical miracles are cases where we are certain that the patient will not get better or that they will not survive but they prove you wrong. They are rare occurrences. When a patient lives despite you saying that they would not it does not mean that you or science were wrong. It means that medicine took a different turn.

I remember this one patient who surprised us all. I was on duty in the ER when an unconscious male in his mid forties was rolled in by EMTs. After a quick initial exam and after stabilizing him we brought him to radiology for a head CT scan. The scans showed that he had a hemorrhagic stroke. I referred him to a neurologist and a neurosurgeon and admitted the man to the ICU. Seeing as hemorrhagic strokes have a low probability for survival we knew that his chances to get better were slim. Overnight, he started to deteriorate and death seemed inevitable so we prepared his family for his timely death. However, over the course of the following days he started to slowly improve and rise up from being in coma to being fully awake. The man later walked out of the hospital alive and well like nothing happened.

Lucky son of a gun

From the song “Mystery” by Live came the words, “Thought I knew the rules, thought I held it in my hand. Thought I was bulletproof till the blood pooled up in the sand.” Then there is the more recent popular song from David Guetta that said, “You shoot me down, but I get up. I’m bullet proof, nothing to lose. Fire away, fire away.” Some people may think they are bullet proof and don’t live to tell their story. Unfortunately we are not made of titanium, but some people are just lucky.

We got a call that we had an incoming gun shot victim. It was a male in his twenties who got into an argument with a few others over a drinking session. One thing led to another and the poor guy got shot in the head. I made my way down from the wards to the ER to await his arrival. Not long after I got to the ER came the patient who they rolled into trauma room one where I expected to pronounce him dead. To my complete and utter surprise, the boy was wide awake and completely conversant. The bullet went through his left eye and out his temple entirely missed his brain.

There are those lucky few who survive. They would tell their friends that the doctors gave up on them, that the doctors said they could not do anything or the doctors were all wrong. We know we did our part to help save their lives and are happy enough that they are living to tell their stories. MIMS

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