Malaysia's State Health Department's Pharmacy enforcement division has recently seized RM600,000 worth of unregistered medicine and beauty products in the state of Terengganu over the past 10 months.

Dr. Mohammad Omar, the director of the department, said the various types of medicines and cosmetics were confiscated after several rounds of raids that were conducted at suspect business premises and houses throughout the state.

"We seized about 1,000 types of medicines and cosmetic products deemed illegal under the Health Ministry's ruling," he said.

953 items were found to be without any notification and were not registered with the Ministry, according to Dr. Mohammad.

"Some of the items seized contain controlled drugs such as steroids, sibutramine, hydroquinone and mercury," he added.

Enforcing law and order within online sales of medicines and cosmetics

The department has been particularly targeting online businesses specialising in the sales of unregistered medicine and beauty products. The most recent bust included an online business operated by a 24-year-old nurse, in July.

The nurse ran her business through her Instagram account, which sees more than 10,000 followers. Formal checks also showed that she did not possess a licence to provide beauty injections, that she has performed repeatedly at her house.

38 types of unregistered beauty products worth RM8,000 were also seized accordingly from the woman.

Dr. Mohammad urges patients or beauty product seekers to ensure that products are registered with the Ministry of Health (MOH) before purchasing them.

MOH bans 10 cosmetic products, warns against online purchases

Recently, the MOH also banned 10 cosmetic products and urged the public to stop using them as prohibited ingredients including scheduled poisons were found in them.

The products are: Melan Off Intensive Mask, Melan Off Cream, Afrina Night Cream, Afrina Daily Cream, Kemboja Herbal Cream, Day Pinky Cream, Night Glow Cream, Debella Nadien Glow Night Cream, Mekar Semilu Face Scrub, Mutiara Beauty Collection and Mekar Semilu Cream Mekarsutra.

MOH deputy minister, Dr. Hilmi Yahaya also cautioned against the sale of fake cosmetics through the internet and warned cosmetics users that every item with the ministry's approval bore a hologram on the packaging that could be detected by a scanner. MIMS

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