• The underrated importance of incremental care
    The direction of modern healthcare has changed from the times when urgent heroic interventions were needed to save lives, but is enough attention being paid to incremental care?
  • Medical marriages: A match made in heaven?
    Doctor-doctor and doctor-nurse pairings seem to be typical portrayals of couples in movies and on television, or natural pairings arising in the workplace. There are a few pros and cons that should be considered when it comes to starting a serious relationship with and eventually marrying a fellow healthcare professional.
  • Keen on becoming a school nurse?
    For nurses, working in hectic environments such as hospitals and clinics can be overwhelming. They may hence prefer to be a school nurse, where it is slower paced and less stressful.
  • How nurses can advance in their career
    Nursing is one career that offers many specialisations as well as opportunities for career advancement. It is good for a nurse to think about her goals and consider how she can advance in her career.
  • Filipino nurse convicted for killing patient through faulty blood transfusion
    A senior staff nurse working in London has been convicted of manslaughter after giving a patient the wrong type of blood. She had initially tried to pass off the medical blunder as being a colleague’s error, but later admitted to being distracted when checking the patient details.
  • Calorie count of 50 popular food and drinks in Malaysia and Singapore
    It is no secret that Malaysians and Singaporeans love their food, which has probably contributed to the high obesity rates - 17.7% are obese and 30% are overweight in Malaysia and 11% are obese in Singapore. So how many calories are there exactly, in our favourite foods?
  • Functional beverages: Good for health or mere diet fads?
    There is a new trend of health-conscious consumers who are ditching fizzy soda, bland water and black coffee for more sophisticated and wholesome flavours.
  • Protein matters: 7 tips to eating it right
    Protein is touted as the fuel for our daily functioning, and in recent years, medical concerns have shifted from that of managing protein deficiency to ensuring optimal protein sources and consumption.
  • 4 habits that negatively impact patient care
    Being hospitalised can be dreadful; it is up to healthcare providers to not only care for their patients, but to also try their best to make sure that they have a good experience at the hospital.
  • The power of belief: 6 startling facts about the placebo effect
    The placebo effect is generally known for its usage in drug trials to differentiate the effectiveness of a drug from effects of the mind. However, the placebo effect goes beyond sugar pills.
  • 9 ways being a nurse will also make you a supermom
    The nurse’s cup of care never runs dry, whether she is in scrubs or with the apron. Life for the nurse-mom is a never-ending sequel where each scene depicts the extension of this uncompromising devotion.
  • Toast to good health with 8 lucky Chinese New Year eats
    For the Chinese, starting the year with the right foods will ensure a year of abundance, and some foods are considered more auspicious than others. These foods offer not only a colourful spread of health benefits but also symbolic significance for great beginnings.    
  • The secret to effective nursing communication
    Research has shown that quit rates pertaining to smoking among patients in hospital more than doubled when nurses together with other staff were trained on coaching patients on how to break the addiction, and actively took steps to explain the harmful effects of smoking to patients. Obviously, effective communication by nurses can do a world of good if applied correctly - so what is the secret to achieving this?