• Assessing the health benefits of turmeric
    Despite its extensive use as a healing food in various cultures for many centuries, the exact properties of turmeric have eluded the grasp of researchers in terms of its health benefits.
  • Nurses: Staying optimistic in your work
    As a nurse, you may have to face overwhelming situations at times, such as taking over the duties of an absent colleague, or dealing with over-fussy patients and families and so on. While a pessimistic nurse sees these situations as difficulties, an optimistic one thinks of them as opportunities instead.
  • Nurses: 3 reasons to improve your interpersonal skills
    In healthcare, where everything is fast-paced and busy, patients and nurses alike can easily get stressed out and become agitated at short notice. As such, advanced interpersonal skills are required to resolve situations with high tension, and smoothly resolve any problems that arise from misunderstandings.
  • The nurse’s role in obtaining informed consent from the patient
    Nurses are often involved in the process of obtaining a patient's consent concerning the treatment or procedures as they spend the most time with patients. Thus, it is crucial for nurses to better understand the role they play in obtaining informed consent from patients.
  • The patient’s differential treatment of nurses and doctors
    Due to a common - but not usually true - generic image of the nursing profession that has developed over the years, it is sadly also common for a patient to show less respect to nurses than doctors or other healthcare professionals.
  • Malaysia to face a nursing shortage by 2020
    Malaysia is witnessing an exodus of nurses. Positioned as the global destination for affordable and quality healthcare, the country is facing hard times as it hastens initiatives to recruit and retain local nurses.
  • Hit the new year hard with 7 easy HIIT exercise tips
    Many of us cannot help groaning at the thought of getting into exercise, but high intensity interval training helps burn calories more rapidly, provides a full body workout for maximum fitness, and saves time.
  • Nurses, do you have these 8 “must-haves” in your bag?
    Nurses don’t carry dainty bags; they carry smart and versatile bags which keep all the essentials to make them feel equipped and efficient in their daily walk against time and life.
  • The art of empathy to become a better healthcare professional
    A new play about nurse-patient interactions is helping nursing students take a serious look at how they can stay empathetic despite gruelling work schedules and long hours. Can art help improve patient care?
  • Nurses: Are you experiencing a career stagnation?
    Career stagnation refers to a phase in one’s career where there is no progress of growth. There are a number of possible reasons that may cause career stagnation, but two major reasons for this condition are stagnation due to individual and interpersonal factors, and stagnation as a result of organisational conditions.
  • Top 8 dietary advice to follow as your new year’s resolution
    As the year 2016 comes to a close, most people, healthcare professionals or patients alike, are ready to welcome the new year with new health resolutions. Before starting to trim off fats or spare the sweets, let’s look at some key dietary findings to make sure that any sacrifices made are truly worthwhile.
  • 3 classics for the healthcare professionals
    As the year winds down, thoughts of relaxation and unwinding are bound to move to the forefront of everyone's minds - including healthcare professionals. One of the most popular means is via movies/television/documentaries - and one can't go wrong with the classics! Here are three classics to seriously consider:
  • Revisiting ethical imperatives: What to do when nurses steal?
    The nurse-patient relationship is based on mutual trust and respect, but what if this trust is violated? Do nurses then inadvertently cause the very people entrusted in their care to lose faith in the profession?