• Healthcare professionals: 4 hobbies you can consider
    As healthcare professionals, you spend long hours at your workplace. At times, you simply want to get your mind off work. Hobbies are a great way for one to pass the time and relieve stress.
  • Between love and duty: How can HCPs deal with broken promises due to medical emergencies
    Time with your loved ones is always precious, because all too often your time is spend caring for your patients instead. Even then, it can be taken from you at a moment’s notice – especially when an emergency arises back in the hospital.
  • Motivating nurses to provide the best nursing care
    Delivering good quality nursing care to patients is part of the fundamental role of nurses. However, nursing is also a stressful profession, which requires the handling of overwhelming demands from patients and doctors at times. How can we keep our nurses motivated?
  • Nurses: 6 techniques to manage your own grief when a patient dies
    Death is a daily scene for nurses who often grieve in silence. Even so, can we ever become immune to this passage of life, especially having held that once warm hand?
  • Mental health, psychology and nursing
    Nursing is usually seen as a profession which cares for the physical needs of patients. Yet, it is a fact that the holistic health and wellness of a person depends on the state of both their physical and mental health, so in this article we shall put physical health on the sidelines for a bit, and explore how mental health and nursing are connected.
  • Stressed nurse leaves dementia patient in hospital storeroom all night
    Work stress is inevitable but more so among nurses who have to keep their calm even in the face of unnerving patients. Yet, today’s healthcare scene is often compromised by malpractice allegations among medical practitioners.
  • Healthcare professionals: 5 volunteering opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region
    By and large, healthcare professionals are caring in nature. Beyond their work, some may have entertained the idea of volunteering services to help more people in need. For those who would love to help but have little time to travel far, here are 5 volunteer opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Nurses: handling patients with challenging conditions – part II
    As a nurse, you already know you have to deal with various kinds of patients, from those who have physical limitations up to those diagnosed with mental illnesses. Learning the best way to handle challenging patients will help you grow into a more professional nurse, with the aptitude to manage multiple patient conditions.
  • Nurses: Handling patients with challenging conditions – part I
    As a nurse, you already know you need to deal with various kinds of patients, from those who have physical limitations up to those diagnosed with mental illnesses. Learning how to best handle these patients will help you grow into a more professional nurse with the aptitude to manage multiple patient conditions. Part I of this article will provide some pointers on handling psychiatric patients.
  • 10 ancient health remedies from Hippocrates
    The personification of the ideal physician, Hippocrates is credited with having authored over 60 works containing medical and practical advice. Here are some time-honoured tips to recover from illness.
  • Canadian nurse penalised for posting concerns on social media
    A complaint was lodged against a nurse after she aired her concerns about the quality of care that was provided to her relative on social media. While she allegedly expressed her views as a family member, authorities found her guilty of professional misconduct.
  • Workplace violence means de-escalation and breakaway skills now crucial for nursing students
    Workplace violence is a complex and common occupational hazard facing the nursing profession but through structured training on de-escalation and breakaway techniques, nursing students are better equipped today, to handle potentially dangerous situations.
  • Infographic: 7 quick exercises to help you meet your New Year's resolution
    Weight loss is a New Year’s resolution of many, but with the busy schedule of nurses, it is hard to find time to exercise enough to burn many calories. Here are 7 exercises that can be performed in less than 5 minutes, to strengthen core muscles and burn calories.