• Healthy snacking: 9 of the best nuts for health
    Nuts are high in fibre and protein, and daily consumption can reduce heart disease and cancer risk, although intake should be limited as these are also energy-dense foods.
  • Centralised vs decentralised nursing stations - the pros and cons
    The issue of poor work environment for nurses is a globally prevalent one, and a major factor that has been oft discussed is that of nursing stations. An efficient and functional nursing station is crucial in promoting a healthier nursing work environment,so it is important to weigh the positive and negative aspects of centralised and decentralised nursing stations.
  • The unusual role of nurse researchers
    Nurse researchers perform investigations in diverse aspects of medical related problems such as illnesses and health care services. Often, they work in an academic setting, hospital or independent professional or community service. Sadly many, including many other nurses, are unaware of the responsibilities that nurse researchers undertake in today's medical landscape - let's try to change that.
  • 4 futuristic medical services: From concierge medicine to spa doctors
    Patient empowerment is the new wave in healthcare. Doctors are already making transitions, taking healthcare beyond their sterile clinics to soothing spas, cosy cafes or even virtual landscapes.
  • Nurse leaders: How to lead without seeming bossy
    Striking a balance between exerting control and leading a team with wisdom is crucial for any leader; being a nurse leader is definitely not an exception. Being in a position that provides an individual with certain control and authority over others can lead that individual to behave in a manner that might be considered as imposing - here's how a nurse leader can avoid portraying a negative image.
  • What does a hospice nurse do?
    The fundamental objective of hospice care is to comfort patients, to let them feel at ease as death approaches. To help these patients live as comfortably as possible, the responsibility of the hospice nurse is to lessen the patient’s pain and avoid any burdensome interventions.
  • Nurses: Developing and enhancing professionalism
    Professionalism is considered as a paramount factor of success in the career of a nurse. Throughout their career, nurses can develop professionalism by following standardised practices and demonstrating appropriate behaviours, as befitting of the profession.
  • Cleaning techniques for endoscopes may be insufficient, study finds
    Researchers have found that many flexible endoscopes still test positive for bacterial growth despite being disinfected using current guidelines, prompting the need for higher-level disinfection techniques and stricter infection prevention protocols.
  • Factors to consider in choosing the ideal nursing environment for you
    Among the many factors to consider when looking at a nursing career, work environment is actually one of the main ones a nurse should think about. Here are some guidelines to consider which nursing environment is likely to be the best for you.
  • Is the body better off skipping breakfast?
    It is a common belief that breakfast should not be skipped as it provides many health benefits. A British clinical biochemistry professor questions this long-held assumption in his new book.
  • Nurses: 5 tips to relate better to your patients
    Since nurses spend a lot of time with their patients, they directly affect patient experiences of care. It is important for patients to be reassured that their nurses are able to understand and relate to them, especially when they share of their experiences with the nurse.
  • Things that nurses do not tell their patients
    There are things that nurses do not tell their patients. This may include their test results or their worrying condition. Often, this is perceived to be for their good.
  • Experts warn against Gwyneth’s jade eggs and other celebrity health endorsements
    While the recent controversial claims by actress Gwyneth Paltrow that jade eggs can enhance sex and hormonal balance has caught on with many fans, health experts warn that the practice likely carries health risks.