• Gluten-free diet of no benefit to non-coeliacs, recent findings show
    The concept of a gluten-free diet has been around for several years. However, a new large-scale study in the UK discovered that gluten-free diet among those without coeliac disease is inadvisable.
  • Easily avoidable mistakes led to hundreds of newborn deaths in the UK
    The National Health Service (NHS) has come under fire again, this time for the deaths of 259 babies that could have been avoided with greater vigilance by its nursing and midwife staff.
  • Oncology nurses: The ethical dilemmas surrounding patient care
    Oncology nurses will encounter multiple ethical dilemmas that may later impair their ability to provide quality end-of-life care. Here are some of the dilemmas and the possible means of managing them.
  • Nurses, here’s how you can play a part in reducing obesity
    Obesity has been predicted to be the main cause of increased mortality rate in Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific region. Nurses have the role of educating and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Thus, demonstrating healthy living practices to the public is crucial.
  • MIMS Interviews Channel: Sharing insights from healthcare practitioners across the region
    Avid readers of the MIMS General News will now be able to explore a new thread of information source as MIMS proudly announces the launch of the MIMS Interviews Channel.
  • 17 of the unhealthiest jobs in healthcare
    Among the jobs worldwide, some healthcare careers are considered one of the most hazardous occupations. Here is a list of the unhealthiest jobs in healthcare, according to data from the US.
  • Evaluating the efficacy of home health monitoring devices
    Advancements in medical technology have led to the emergence of various home health monitoring devices. However, utilisation of these devices can present several issues concerning their efficacy, safety and user privacy.
  • Negative expectations lead to statin side effects, research suggests
    With a recent research proposing that statin side effects are a result of the patients’ negative expectations but not the drugs, researchers hope to end the debate around statins.
  • 5 eating tips to boost brain health
    The stressful work of a medical practitioner may negatively impact one's health and well-being. Here are six healthy eating habits to boost one’s brain health for better productivity at work.
  • The growing need for geriatric nurses in Malaysia
    Since 1997, there has been serious discrepancy between the number of older Malaysians who need specialised care and the number of trained general practitioners who provide that care.
  • The notable traits of a palliative care nurse
    Palliative care aims to improve the quality of life for both the patient and the family. Nurses continue to be the backbone of palliative care, as they interact the most with patients and their families.
  • How healthcare providers can advise athletes on hydration
    There have been discussions on how athletes can stay hydrated to perform well in sports. Here are some of the findings that can help healthcare professionals give health advice to athletes.
  • 5 key things that nurses want
    Although serving patients come with intrinsic rewards, it is crucial to understand the various tolls such a helping profession will take on a nurse, so that the ill effects can be mitigated.