• 70-year-old man gets treatment in US after NHS misdiagnosis
    A man who was wrongly diagnosed with terminal cancer by the NHS, travelled all the way to America for a second opinion - only to be told he had a heart condition and could not fly back.
  • Strikes held in tribute to Israeli nurse who was burnt to death by patient
    A nurse was burnt alive by a patient in a clinic in South of Tel Aviv, Israel. The suspect, a 78-year-old man was reportedly unhappy with the treatment she gave him. A two-hour strike was held on 15 March in tribute to Ms Kararo, to show solidarity of health workers and to create awareness regarding the safety of the country's health workers.
  • Lifelong learning opportunities in nursing
    In order to enhance your abilities as a nurse, particularly in the area of knowledge and skills, you need to make a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Doctors failed to diagnose four-year-old girl with ruptured appendix
    The stomach cramps of a four-year-old girl were dismissed by doctors as constipation until an ultrasound showed a burst appendix that left her with less than an hour for the life-saving operation.
  • 3 less common nursing specialisations to consider as a career
    While the nurses we commonly know are trained to care for the patients or assist the physicians, there are many more types of nursing specialisations that deliver professional care.
  • More healthcare professionals now value the role of food as medicine
    “Let medicine be thy food and let food be thy medicine,” said Hippocrates, father of Western medicine, more than 2500 years ago. Now, a small number of US physicians are taking this advice more literally.
  • Specialist Spotlight: Psychiatrists
    Psychiatrists are medical experts not only in mental health, but also in social and physical wellbeing of individuals. With the increasing number of mental health issues worldwide, there has been a call for more psychiatrists in the medical field.
  • Indian fake doctor allegedly used stolen documents to work in Australia for 11 years
    An Indian doctor who was found to have been employed for more than a decade under the identity of another doctor, is suspected to be currently working in Singapore.
  • 4 unforeseen cases of medical negligence
    Cases of medical negligence are not unheard-of, and some are the unpleasant outcomes of a series of mistakes borne of a flawed system that result in heavy consequences for both patient and doctor.
  • How the nursing shortage issue in Malaysia can be addressed
    The issue of nursing shortage in Malaysia will affect the country’s healthcare capacity and the quality of patient care provided. Here we look at some potential solutions to combat this issue.
  • Doctors are missing subtle warning signs of heart attack
    Researchers from London said that doctors have overlooked the life-threatening signs of heart attack, and are pressing for healthcare professionals to be more vigilant and improve diagnostic measures.
  • The significance of emotional intelligence in nursing
    It is crucial that nurses have emotional intelligence. It helps them to show empathy to their patients without becoming emotionally attached to them, which is a crucial aspect of good nursing.
  • 4 pioneering doctors who have transformed medicine
    There are many doctors who took the first attempt and made new discoveries that revolutionised healthcare by using a different approach to medicine.