• Coffee, nap or both?
    Sleep deprivation among healthcare professionals is not uncommon, but sleepiness has been shown to result in decreased performance and increased risk to accidents.
  • Qualities a strong nurse preceptor should possess
    A nurse preceptor is an experienced Registered Nurse (RN) assigned by the faculty to teach nursing students or novice nurses in clinical settings. They require several distinct qualities to perform their roles.
  • Emergency contraceptive may not work for women weighing over 70kg
    British doctors and pharmacists have been advised to inform women that the emergency contraceptive pill can be ineffective if they have a BMI of over 26 or weigh 70kg and above.
  • 5 countries ranked the best for high-quality healthcare
    With increasing affluence, people desire good health, where expectations go beyond universal coverage of care to the way healthcare is being delivered, and some nations are outpacing others in this aspect.
  • 4 more great fictional doctors on TV
    Hospitals are a great setting for television, as it is where unimaginable circumstances can quickly take place. Here we take a look at four more of the best doctors on TV.
  • Tips on how to ace an accelerated nursing programme
    Becoming a qualified nurse requires a significant amount of formal education. Here we will provide some tips for nursing students to succeed in their nursing studies.
  • 9 teas that are good for health
    Teas, whether derived from the tea plant or concocted through herbal infusions, offer antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antidepressant properties, and some have been found to help with cancer, diabetes, depression and weight loss.
  • Hospital floors can infect patients and prolong recovery
    Far from being the safest and cleanest place to recover, hospitals are making patients more ill than when they first got admitted. It is undeniable that while hospitals treat illnesses, they can also breed infections.
  • The importance of scrubs
    Scrubs are a common uniform for nurses and medical professionals in the healthcare setting, and offer several benefits beyond simply making it easier for patients to identify them.
  • Children fall sick after being allegedly injected with expired antibiotics
    Two Gandhi Hospital nurses were suspended after allegations that they administered expired medicine to at least 12 children in India.
  • 4 great fictional doctors on TV
    Competent and intelligent lifesavers, doctors are always regarded with admiration and something akin to fascination. TV portrayals show us viewers many facets of the medical profession.
  • Nursing graduates: Here’s how you can overcome challenges at work
    From a nurse’s perspective, it is difficult for nurse graduates to apply what they have learnt into real-world practice; here we take a look at the challenges faced by nursing graduates and strategies to combat them.
  • Nurse stereotypes: What can be done?
    For many years, negative public perception on nursing remains unchanged, resulting in fewer people entering the profession and reduced confidence of consumers in using nursing services.