• Malaysian Mental Health Council concerned over shortage of psychiatrists
    The Malaysian Mental Health Advisory Council has called attention to the low ratio of psychiatrists to the Malaysian population, which is far below WHO’s recommended ratio of 1:10,000. At present, there are only 360 registered psychiatrists in the public and private sectors of the country.
  • Poor salaries and overwork led to shortage of doctors in China
    China plans to increase its number of doctors by nearly 40% over the next five years. However they face a big obstacle – more and more medical graduates are choosing other professions due to the low salary and long working hours being a doctor entails.
  • Pharmacists among the only healthcare professionals experiencing a surplus in Hong Kong
    A government study on healthcare manpower (set to be released later this year) has projected that pharmacists will most likely be the only healthcare profession to see excess numbers in the next ten years, while the remaining medical professions, including doctors, nurses and dentists, will continue to face severe shortage.
  • Malaysia's MOH tightening governance over online cosmetics businesses
    The Ministry of Health has established a Cyberforensic Division to crackdown on the online beauty industry that has been selling illegal and unregistered products. It is also proposing amendments to the laws and regulations that govern the sale of such products.
  • Drug company hiked cost of baby medicine by 85,000%, denies any wrongdoing
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals agreed to settle charges of anti-competitive practices by paying a USD100 million fine and allow a competitor to produce a similar medication related to Acthar gel - a lifesaving medication for infantile spasms and multiple sclerosis.
  • General Practitioners (GPs) to work with Health Ministry in planning of bundle system
    The Malaysian Medical Association is working with the MOH in the planning of a bundle system to reduce medical costs for patients. Meanwhile, the Medical Practitioners Coalition Association Of Malaysia (MPCAM) is also in discussions with the Health Ministry to increase GP roles and review their professional fees.
  • Hong Kong Medical Council reform: A rocky road
    Although a reform is urgently needed to accelerate hearing processes, the Medical Registration (Amendment) Bill 2016 failed to attain approval from the Legislative Council after a marathon of debates.
  • Big Pharma found to influence guideline writers, patient advocacy groups and doctors
    A series of papers on money and influence have unlocked the Pandora’s box of the pharmaceutical industry's influence on medicine and healthcare. The recent studies showed that they influence those who write guidelines that outline doctors' practices, patient advocacy organisations, letter writers to the CDC, and even oncologists on Twitter.
  • Singapore's MOH lauds efforts towards efficient and improved patient care
    Singapore's Ministry of Health is emphasising efforts to improve productivity at all levels of healthcare services to achieve greater efficiency and improve the quality of patient care.
  • Trump's vague healthcare decisions on the eve of his inauguration
    Donald Trump will be installed into the White House on 20 January. While he has assured Americans that his new healthcare plan would be much more affordable and cover all citizens, the vagueness of his plans raises much doubt. Will there be a favourable solution?
  • Health officers offered contract positions by Malaysia’s MOH
    The Ministry of Health is offering contract posts for doctors, dentists and pharmacists are being offered contracts to reduce the long waiting time for postings.
  • Singapore's public healthcare system to regroup into three integrated clusters
    The Singaporean Ministry of Health announced that the healthcare system will be reorganised into three integrated clusters, from the existing six regional health systems. This is said to better meet Singaporeans' future healthcare needs.
  • Shortage of beds and staff in NHS leads to cancelled ops for cancer patients
    Since Christmas last year, it was reported that 264 doctors have registered with the General Medical Council to work abroad. This comes after experts warned that any cold snap would tip the UK health service - which is already "a national disaster" - over the edge.