• Italy's measles epidemic highlights the dire costs of an unvaccinated population
    On 19 April, Italy reported a measles epidemic, following a fall-off in vaccinations. What is most concerning is that the recent outbreaks included older age groups.
  • Singaporean health experts warn against mixing supplements with medicines
    A recent study by Changi General Hospital discovered that many patients take multiple medications, as well as vitamins and other types of supplements. However, certain combinations of drugs and supplements may lead to harmful side effects.
  • New evidence shows epilepsy drug caused up to 4,100 birth defects
    Up to 4,100 children suffered from serious malformations from a drug given to pregnant women for epilepsy and bipolar disorder, a French study suggests.
  • Measures needed to combat health illiteracy
    The issue of health illiteracy has been a cause for concern globally, especially within the medical community. Essentially, both doctors and health agencies play an important role in improving the health literacy of their patients and the public respectively.
  • Childhood cancers on the rise, says a new study
    While statistics show childhood cancer rates as moving upwards, concerns about a real increase in the disease have spawned differing explanations, with some pointing to contrasting figures between affluent and poor countries.
  • Third new Zika cluster identified in Singapore
    While the Zika cluster at Flower Road/ Hendry Close has been closed and is under surveillance, a new Zika cluster has emerged at Highland Road/ Jansen Close, making a current total of three active Zika clusters in the country.
  • Can WHO's success against neglected tropical diseases continue?
    World Health Organisation officials have announced that "unprecedented progress" has been made towards reducing the spread of neglected tropical diseases that is commonly linked to poverty. But much of this has to do with the generosity of big governments. Can the initiative continue without their assistance?
  • MOH Malaysia: MyHDW will not disclose any sensitive patient information
    Following the launch of the Malaysian Health Data Warehouse, public and consumer groups have been demanding greater transparency in the handling of confidential health data stored in the new system.
  • Three new cases of Zika infections reported in Singapore
    Three new cases of Zika infections have been reported as of last week, according to the National Environment Agency (NEA) on 20 April. Two were reported in the Glasgow Road area, while the other was reported at the Nouvelle Park along Poh Huat Road West.
  • Pharma giant under fire in the UK for hiking up cancer drug prices across Europe
    An investigation by a local newspaper revealed that a pharmaceutical company has used "aggressive approaches" in attempts to drive up the price of cancer drugs across Europe. However the UK's Department of Health is taking caution and preventing such attempts.