• Singapore's public healthcare system to regroup into three integrated clusters
    The Singaporean Ministry of Health announced that the healthcare system will be reorganised into three integrated clusters, from the existing six regional health systems. This is said to better meet Singaporeans' future healthcare needs.
  • Shortage of beds and staff in NHS leads to cancelled ops for cancer patients
    Since Christmas last year, it was reported that 264 doctors have registered with the General Medical Council to work abroad. This comes after experts warned that any cold snap would tip the UK health service - which is already "a national disaster" - over the edge.
  • How bad is the counterfeit drug problem in Malaysia?
    Unfortunately, the issue of availability of counterfeit drugs is widespread within the Asia Pacific region, including Malaysia. To combat such an issue, the relevant stakeholders including pharmacists should have at least a basic understanding of the situation.
  • Duke-NUS researchers identify gene that could be partly responsible for autism
    A Singaporean team has identified a gene that could play a key role in causing autism. Changes in the gene cause the brain's circuitry and how its cells communicate with each other to work abnormally.
  • Woman dies from extensively drug-resistant superbug in the US
    A woman has succumbed to an infection caused by a form of Klebsiella pneumoniae resistant against all 26 available antibiotics in the US, raising red flags to health professionals on the emergence of pan-resistant bacteria.
  • Singaporean dentist suspended for delegating procedures to unqualified assistants
    Instead of personally performing orthodontic procedures on a patient, Dr. Sng Wee Hock delegated the tasks to his clinic assistants, who were not qualified to do so. For breaching the ethical code and guidelines of the Singapore Dental Council, he was suspended for 15 months and fined S$40,000.
  • Is Donald Trump the new big foe of the pharmaceutical industry?
    The US President-elect declared that the pharmaceutical industry is "getting away with murder", early and unprompted in his press conference on 11 January, crashing drugs stocks. He also promised to reform drug price and slammed the pharmaceutical industry for producing drugs overseas.
  • Cyptic pregnancies: the need to raise awareness
    Being pregnant is supposedly an “obvious” experience, with noticeable biological and physical changes, so how can a woman not know that she is pregnant? Incredible as this may be, cryptic pregnancies, where a woman is unaware of her own pregnancy, are far more common than expected.
  • Improvements needed in the contrasting healthcare systems of Malaysia and Singapore
    While both countries have been praised for their healthcare systems - Malaysia for the affordability and Singapore for its implementation of a national health insurance plan. However, both systems need much more improvement to address their unique problems.
  • Malaysia’s MOH to crackdown on online sales of medicines and pills
    Malaysian authorities have been urged to tighten screening of the availability of medicines and pills on the internet. This comes after women who consumed abortion pills shared their successful abortion stories via images of aborted foetuses on social media.