• 8 medical procedures: Then and now
    Many medical methods have evolved dramatically since their conception. Some seem outlandish and brutal, but they have contributed to our understanding of medicine and how the human body works.
  • Why are healthcare professionals leaving traditional job roles?
    In the past, a career in medicine was widely perceived as one of the pathways to guarantee one’s success in life. However, in today’s society and context, many are choosing alternative career pathways.
  • The milestones of Parkinson's disease in 200 years
    Dated after the birthday of its founder, World Parkinson’s Disease Day marks the 200th year anniversary since the first publication on the disease by James Parkinson.
  • 5 reasons why hospitals should start a gardening project
    Patients’ well-being can be enhanced through gardening and plant-based activities, and the the practice of gardening has gained significant grounds in modern healthcare to promote patients’ health and well-being.
  • Eight-year-old with ROHHAD competes in triathlons to save his life
    An eight-year-old boy was diagnosed with a rare hormonal illness, resulting in excessive weight gain. Now he competes in triathlons just to keep the weight off and maintain his health.
  • More than 20% of patients with serious conditions are first misdiagnosed
    Study shows that more than 20% of patients with serious conditions are first misdiagnosed and second options may be justified.
  • How to improve patient compliance for medications
    Non-adherence to medications is a concern, and what is more worrying is that non-adherence can reach up to 70% if medication regimen is coupled with other changes such as lifestyle changes.
  • Canadian doctors identify new genetic disorder in children
    A ten-year-old boy in Toronto has finally been diagnosed with a previously undiscovered genetic disorder that has plagued him with a myriad of symptoms his whole life.
  • Scientific research is riddled with biases
    A Stanford study has revealed that the biggest source of bias in the scientific field, across all disciplines, is the overestimation of effect size. More surprisingly, a scientist’s early career status, degree of isolation from other researchers, and prior record of misconduct are also key risk factors.
  • 7 modern medical practices that were passed down from ancient times
    The origins of some medical practices bring us back to ancient times. Despite the developing and evolving of medicine at a rapid rate, some effective trends and treatments from long ago remain fixtures in practice today.
  • 6 underrated jobs in the healthcare industry
    Not all heroes wear capes, and not all healthcare practitioners wear coats. Here we look at some interesting, yet underrated, jobs in the healthcare industry.
  • Medical icons of Malaysia: Dr Wu Lien-teh
    Dr Wu Lien-teh was a humble Penangnite who went on to become one of the most remarkable figures in modern medicine for his victory against the deadly bubonic plague in China.
  • 5 rare genes linked to “superhuman” powers
    Superheroes with all their invincible powers may become convincingly real as geneticists attribute these mind-blowing abilities to genes that could possibly aid in treatment of severe inherited disorders.