• A staggering amount of medical supplies are wasted in hospitals
    Tremendous amounts of money are lost each year simple because perfectly usable medical supplies are thrown away, but NGOs are now starting to send these supplies where they are needed most: developing countries.
  • Advantages of transitioning to hybrid concierge medicine
    As a growing trend, more doctors are taking on concierge patients while maintaining their patients in the traditional practice.
  • 4 science fiction ideas realised in medical technology
    It is now no longer a fantasy as technology science fiction is brought to reality in the medical technology.
  • 10 medical innovations that changed the world: Devices and technology
    Many devices and technologies have played a role in diagnostic medicine, administering of drugs and prolonging life. However, many healthcare professionals take them for granted without knowing how they came about. Here are 10 medical innovations that have been highlighted due to their importance in the advancement of the medical world.
  • Why parents encourage their children to become doctors
    Many parents hope that their child will be able to have a career as a doctor despite the difficulties of the profession.
  • Pharmacy students: Preparing effectively for the BCPS examination
    Getting ready for the BCPS examination requires sheer discipline, commitment and concentration. Here we look at some helpful tips to aid in your preparation.
  • More healthcare professionals now value the role of food as medicine
    “Let medicine be thy food and let food be thy medicine,” said Hippocrates, father of Western medicine, more than 2500 years ago. Now, a small number of US physicians are taking this advice more literally.
  • Specialist Spotlight: Psychiatrists
    Psychiatrists are medical experts not only in mental health, but also in social and physical wellbeing of individuals. With the increasing number of mental health issues worldwide, there has been a call for more psychiatrists in the medical field.
  • One-two punch drug combinations could defeat superbugs
    After the World Health Organisation announced its first list of antibiotic-resistant "priority pathogens" that pose the greatest threat to human health, two separate teams have found one-two punch strategies to combat the bacteria that are immune to penicillins and colistin.
  • The seven-century quest for a blood substitute
    The hunt for blood substitutions began during the times of ancient Incas in the 1400s, but even today, the need for artificial blood results from a shortage in blood banks and the loss of lives through blood loss from traumatic injuries. Will a research from Washington University hold the answer?
  • Doctors are missing subtle warning signs of heart attack
    Researchers from London said that doctors have overlooked the life-threatening signs of heart attack, and are pressing for healthcare professionals to be more vigilant and improve diagnostic measures.
  • Clinical trials underway for new cancer therapy discovered by Singapore researchers
    Researchers from the Drug Discovery and Development unit and Experimental Therapeutics Centre in Singapore have developed a new form of targeted cancer therapy, which could lower mortality rates of leukaemia.
  • 4 pioneering doctors who have transformed medicine
    There are many doctors who took the first attempt and made new discoveries that revolutionised healthcare by using a different approach to medicine.