• Premature baby pronounced dead by hospital found alive prior to funeral
    An infant recently delivered at the Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi, was confirmed to be dead by staff present on the hospital ward but was found to be alive just prior to his planned funeral. This reflects not only serious medical negligence, but also poor communication frameworks between the healthcare professionals involved.
  • Singaporean paediatrician suspended for three months due to misdiagnosis
    A Singaporean paediatrician has been suspended for three months due to professional misconduct ̶ she failed to properly diagnose and treat a young patient for Kawasaki Disease. Explaining the decision, the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) said that the late diagnosis could have led to the child developing serious cardiac complications.
  • Pharmacist jailed for illegally selling stolen prescription drugs
    A pharmacist based in Essex, England was found guilty of stealing prescription drugs from pharmacies and selling them on the street. He was recently sentenced to a year in jail.
  • Surgeon who received defamatory threats from patient wins malpractice claims
    A surgeon has won a malpractice case after having been subjected to defamatory threats by his patient.
  • The medical industry’s newest problem – counterfeit medical devices
    As the world’s technological prowess increases, so too does the world of counterfeit medical supplies. From pharmaceutical drugs to medical devices, the supply chain is being flooded with fakes putting both patients and manufacturers at risk.
  • Kenyan nurses’ strike causes six patient deaths
    Nurses in Kenya have stayed away from their workplaces in a strike against the government for shunning away their collective bargaining agreement. The agreement outlines an increment in the nurses’ salary and the strike will continue until their demands are met. At least six patient deaths have resulted from the strike and new patients are being turned away or asked to seek private care.
  • Doctor who molested women spared jail because of his surgical skills
    One of the UK’s top surgeons has been spared jail, as judge deemed him “too good at his job” to go to prison.
  • Give a fair hearing to doctor in cadet’s case, urges MMA
    The President of Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) hopes the Health Ministry will give due consideration to the doctor that treated the Navy cadet, who was brutalised and succumbed to his injuries.
  • Baby with rare genetic disease should die with dignity, says doctors
    For 10-month-old Charlie Gard, the final hope of healing was lost as doctors saw him deteriorating day by day and proposed to end his life support—thus, dismissing his parents’ desperate plea for treatment in America.
  • NDCS issues apology for using 72 sets of dental instruments that were not fully sterilised
    On 12 June, the National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS) reported that a total of 72 packs of dental instruments were not completely sterilised before being used in treatments last week. NDCS is now contacting the 714 patients who were treated on 5 and 6 June after the discovery.
  • Bungled procedure caused patient to lose at least eight pints of blood
    A woman is to be compensated generously after undergoing a mismanaged diagnostic procedure which saw the loss of at least eight pints of her blood and infliction of severe lifelong chronic pain.
  • Canadian nurse kills 8 seniors in nursing home
    A Canadian nurse has pleaded guilty to the murder charges of eight seniors she cared for in nursing homes between 2007 to 2014. Her victims were injected with lethal doses of insulin for no medical reason. She was also charged with other accounts of four attempted murders and two aggravated assaults.
  • Singaporean woman who suffered third-degree burns from TCM treatment, receives SGD50,000 for damages
    Seeking Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment for a pain in her shoulder, a 54-year-old woman visited Raffles Chinese Medicine (RCM), a unit of Raffles Medical Group, only to be left with third-degree burns on her arm. She has now obtained a sum of SGD50,000 in a private settlement.