• Housemanship issues manageable, MOH claims
    Amid increasing concerns of an oversupply of doctors and insufficient postings, the Health Ministry says the situation is still under control. However, a Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) representative urges for a restriction on medical student intakes to nip it in the bud.
  • WHO commends Malaysia’s medical research work
    Medical research and the remarkable healthcare system in Malaysia have attracted the attention of World Health Organisation’s new director-general. The Health Minister advocates for an improved healthcare system by also tackling issues outside healthcare.
  • Malaysian doctors at risk on the roads post-call
    Government representatives and various medical associations speak out following the increase in motor vehicle accidents amongst healthcare professionals.
  • Singapore's High Court increases jail term for doctor convicted of drugging and molesting Malaysian patient
    The High Court of Singapore has increased the jail term from 3½ to 4½ years for an aesthetic doctor who drugged and molested a Malaysian male patient over the course of two days in a hotel room last year. Tan Kok Leong, 51 also took 27 photographs of the victim's penis while the patient, a Malaysian doctor, was unconscious.
  • Malaysia's MOH bans seven cosmetics products that contain scheduled poisons
    Malaysia's Ministry of Health (MOH) has identified seven cosmetics products that contain scheduled poisons which pose a threat to health. The National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Department (NPRA) said the products are Qu Gebu AP Krim, Night Glowing, Night Glow, Glowing Speed Gold Day Cream, Glowing Speed Gold Night Cream, Nour Ain Night Cream and Royal Expert Whitening Cream.
  • MOH plans to eradicate AIDS in Malaysia by 2030
    In efforts to tackle AIDS in Malaysia, the MOH sets targets to eradicate the disease and also successfully stopped peddlers selling illegal AIDS-treating pills.
  • Night shifts detrimental to nurses’ cardiovascular health
    Apart from affecting sleep quality, working night shifts in the long term could gradually lead to negative effects on one’s cardiovascular health.
  • Malaysian MOH proposes initiatives to improve healthcare
    The Malaysian Health Ministry looks to launch the Malaysian Health Transformation Initiative in the coming months. A national strategy is also in planning to combat various healthcare challenges in the country.
  • Cases of illegal dental practitioners on the rise, warns Malaysian MOH
    The Malaysian Health ministry urges the public to be aware of unlicensed dentists amidst the increasing reports of dental services from illegal practitioners.
  • Malaysian medical practitioners demand for removal of middlemen in healthcare services
    Doctors request for healthcare services – commonly controlled by third parties – to be regulated by the government to avoid exorbitant patient bills and unpaid doctor’s fees.
  • MOH says Malaysian hospitals will not be affected by global cyberattack
    The Ministry of Health does not expect local hospitals to experience major IT issues due to the "ransomware" attack, which has been crippling England's health service, as the country does not have such a database system. However, the cyber security agency has issued a national alert as the country has emerged as one of 150 nations to be potentially hit.
  • Malaysian ovarian cancer study underway amidst other cancer research
    A new study by Cancer Research Malaysia to investigate genetic counselling for testing of genes related to ovarian cancer is in progress to improve understanding among clinicians and patients.
  • 5 recommended blogs by Asian doctors
    Here we look at five active blogs started by doctors based in Singapore or Malaysia. Apart from being platforms to provide healthcare-related information, these may inspire other healthcare professionals to start a blog.