• 5 recommended blogs by Asian doctors
    Here we look at five active blogs started by doctors based in Singapore or Malaysia. Apart from being platforms to provide healthcare-related information, these may inspire other healthcare professionals to start a blog.
  • MIMS Interviews Channel: Sharing insights from healthcare practitioners across the region
    Avid readers of the MIMS General News will now be able to explore a new thread of information source as MIMS proudly announces the launch of the MIMS Interviews Channel.
  • After Kedah’s spike in cases, MOH Malaysia warns of rising dengue threat
    The Health Ministry urged more public action in preventing a rise in dengue cases while Kedah records an increase in dengue cases particularly in Kuala Muda.
  • Elderly will outnumber those below 15 in Malaysia after 2045
    Malaysia will be facing an ageing population where those aged 60 and above will outnumber those aged 15 and below. The issue needs to be addressed to ease the financial burden on the healthcare system and government, including educating the younger generation to honour the elderly and spreading awareness of the importance of retirement savings.
  • The growing need for geriatric nurses in Malaysia
    Since 1997, there has been serious discrepancy between the number of older Malaysians who need specialised care and the number of trained general practitioners who provide that care.
  • Malaysian MOH to regulate naturopathic yoga under T&CM Act
    The Health Ministry has moved in to regulate yoga practices in the country in order to crackdown on the growing number of unqualified yoga practitioners who claim that they are able to treat chronic diseases.
  • Fake MC syndicate in Johor Bahru discovered after employer's curiosity
    Police have arrested four men aged between 28 and 37, and crippled a syndicate that produces fake medical certificates, forged to resemble those issued by Sultanah Aminah Hospital (HSA).
  • The rising demand for palliative care services in Malaysia
    Currently, four out of 10 Malaysians are estimated to need palliative care at the end of their lives. This reflects the demand for well-established palliative care services.
  • Clinical pharmacy: A crucial element of healthcare
    Clinical pharmacy has become an inseparable part of routine pharmacy practice, and there has been global progression in pharmacy to become more clinically relevant.
  • MOH Malaysia bans ozone therapy
    The Ministry of Health has banned ozone therapy in the country, after an assessment by the Malaysian Health Technology Assessment Section revealed that the cosmetic and beauty therapy lacked scientific evidence to support claims of any health benefits.