• Clinic employed fake doctor that falsely diagnosed patients with Alzheimer’s
    A medical centre for cognitive disorders has been found falsely diagnosing more than 50 patients with Alzheimer’s disease, causing many of the patients to contemplate suicide.
  • Therapeutic landscapes: The role of nature in healing and recovery
    The concept of ‘therapeutic landscapes’ refers to landscapes that help achieve physical, mental and spiritual healing. As such, including natural features in the physical environment of hospitals can help to promote healing and facilitate rehabilitation.
  • Women in science: Tackling an alternative to chemotherapy, an opioid crisis and gene editing
    In science and technology, women are often massively underrepresented. However many have made some of the most important and inspiring contributions towards advancing healthcare and research. Here, we look at three outstanding women.
  • The importance of narrative-based medicine
    In a country like Singapore, where population ageing is a prevalent issue, it is only sensible that the appropriate healthcare support transforms according to what is required for optimal aging. However, many healthcare professionals still face major challenges when dealing with complex issues, especially when it comes to multi-morbidity, as this often requires support beyond what normal medicine can cover sufficiently.
  • 5 doctors with a significant social media presence
    Despite the social media boom over the past few years, not everybody in the the healthcare industry has been anxious to hop on the bandwagon, especially the traditionalists - yet, there can be no further proof needed of the significance of social media, when seeing how these five doctors have translated their passion for healthcare over, and gained huge followings in the process.
  • MACC arrests seven doctors in Penang "express health checks" syndicate
    The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission has arrested eight healthcare workers for offering "express health checks" to drivers who are renewing or applying for a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) license. All are currently being investigated.
  • Housemen in Malaysia driven to quit by stress
    Unable to cope with the long working hours and other pressures in the medical field, many house officers in Malaysia fail to turn up for work or resign without completing their training.
  • Plastic surgeon fined for unlawful access of SGH computer system
    Dr Leo Kah Woon downloaded a keylogging software to intercept his wife’s communications and illegally used the Singapore General Hospital’s computer system to access data, after he suspected that she was having an affair.
  • Health Professionals: The importance of accepting your own vulnerability
    Vulnerability refers to the state of being open to being physically, mentally or emotionally hurt due to certain situations or the actions of others. In the context of healthcare, healthcare professionals may also be subject to vulnerability at the workplace, and this condition can present itself in many forms.
  • Loss of two scientific heroes who revolutionised healthcare
    In the span of a week, the scientific community has lost two world renowned individuals - Sir Peter Mansfield and Hans Rosling - who have contributed significantly to the advancements of medical diagnoses and the way healthcare is perceived.
  • The $200 million drug lawsuit between a Harvard researcher and a convicted felon
    A Harvard professor with a penchant for uncovering and exposing the potentially dangerous substances hidden in dietary supplements has won a slander-lawsuit against him by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals boss and convicted felon, Jared Wheat.
  • Retracted study puts China's efforts of organ transplant reform in the spotlight
    A study by Chinese surgeons was retracted due to accusations that the research involved livers that were extracted from executed prisoners of conscience. WHO has also announced that China has taken steps to end its once-illegal-widespread practice of harvesting organs from executed prisoners, but critics remain unconvinced.
  • The nuances of dealing with difficult patients
    The bane of the regular doctor's day is to encounter a particularly difficult patient who contradicts everything and agrees to nothing, as these encounters tend to leave them overwhelmed and frustrated. There are many nuances in learning to deal with these patients, which need to be mastered in order to deal with them confidently.