• 5 countries ranked the best for high-quality healthcare
    With increasing affluence, people desire good health, where expectations go beyond universal coverage of care to the way healthcare is being delivered, and some nations are outpacing others in this aspect.
  • Coffee, nap or both?
    Sleep deprivation among healthcare professionals is not uncommon, but sleepiness has been shown to result in decreased performance and increased risk to accidents.
  • 4 more great fictional doctors on TV
    Hospitals are a great setting for television, as it is where unimaginable circumstances can quickly take place. Here we take a look at four more of the best doctors on TV.
  • 9 teas that are good for health
    Teas, whether derived from the tea plant or concocted through herbal infusions, offer antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antidepressant properties, and some have been found to help with cancer, diabetes, depression and weight loss.
  • The complementarity of TCM and Western medicine
    It is common practice to practise both TCM and Western medicine in China. Here we will explore some of the hurdles of collaboration between the two philosophies.
  • 4 great fictional doctors on TV
    Competent and intelligent lifesavers, doctors are always regarded with admiration and something akin to fascination. TV portrayals show us viewers many facets of the medical profession.
  • 3 doctors with inspirational voluntary efforts to save lives
    Transcending boundaries and breaking traditional school of thoughts, these three doctors’ selflessness serve the greater community by making a difference in their patient’s lives.
  • Does “male menopause” exist?
    Men are said to also experience the same symptoms women have during menopause when the testosterone levels decline as they age, but other clinicians still doubt the validity of "male menopause".
  • 5 ways you may be sabotaging your diet
    Sometimes the effort put in to achieve an ideal body weight doesn’t seem to equate with the intended results. No matter how much exercise and eating right is done, the ideal weight still seems to be out of grasp. This could be the doing of one’s own self in self-sabotaging the weight loss plan.
  • News Bites: Smartphones can test semen quality, Lungs have been found to produce blood
    This week, scientists have revolutionised tissue repair by building a human heart muscle from spinach leaves. Cancer diagnostic tests have also advanced, with a blood test that is able to pinpoint the location of tumours. Elsewhere, scientists have translated the female menstrual cycle onto a petri dish.
  • Breast implants now linked to rare cancer, warns FDA
    Breast implants, which constitute the second most popular cosmetic procedure, are now a possible cause of a rare type of cancer, which has claimed the lives of nine people.
  • Newer hepatitis C drugs will be more effective if sky-high cost is reduced
    A recent study showed that newer treatments for hepatitis C may eliminate the virus, mostly in those taking oral antiviral medications. But is it a realistic solution, when a pill costs an average of USD950?
  • Doctor claims he has found a cure for sepsis: An IV infusion of Vitamin C
    A retrospective study has claimed that an IV infusion of vitamin C, hydrocortisone and thiamine, can cure sepsis. Yet with an 8% mortality rate and a sample size of 50 patients, how true can it be?