• An environmental checklist for community pharmacies
    In community pharmacies, implementing measures to conserve the environment is crucial in running a successful operation, and consequently in providing quality services and care to patients.
  • 4 more strange dental practices through the ages
    Before the invention of dental care products, a variety of dental practices are known to have been employed. Here are four more strange dental practices from the ancient times.
  • MOH: Subsidised health screening and improved mental health services for Singaporeans
    Health screening programmes will be subsidised for eligible Singaporeans, while community mental healthcare and palliative care will see more support from the government.
  • 4 strange dental practices through the ages
    Before the invention of toothpaste and other dental care products, dental hygiene has preoccupied many people over the ages, and a variety of dental practices are known to have been employed.
  • The connected nursery: 4 smart tools to improve infant safety
    High-tech products now have a dear place in nurseries for its alleged efficacy in improving the traditional process of child-minding. Though research is still on-going to prove the effectiveness of the products, four of these are already in the market and adorning nurseries.
  • Why healthcare professionals should choose tea over coffee
    Here we look at how drinking tea instead of coffee benefits healthcare professionals, who often need to work long and irregular shifts and thrive in a stressful and tiring industry.
  • All hospitals should become HIV/AIDS treatment hubs - DOH
    More HIV/AIDS cases could be diagnosed if every hospital - public or private - can serve as a treatment hub, according to the Department of Health.
  • 4 interesting reasons women visit the pharmacy
    The reasons why women visit pharmacies are interesting and diverse. In honour of International Women's Day today, we look at what pharmacists can do to cater to the needs of female patients in particular.
  • NHS clamps down on doctors cashing in exorbitant locum fees
    The desperate shortfall of medical manpower in UK hospitals is providing lucrative opportunities for doctors who moonlight as locums in other hospitals.
  • Medicine expiry dates: When does it really matter?
    The active ingredients within capsules and tablets will degrade naturally, causing the potency of these medicines to gradually diminish. However, in some cases, expired drugs may still be used.
  • Specialist Spotlight: Geriatricians
    Geriatrics is a specialty that focuses mainly on providing patient-centered care that is catered to the complex needs of the elderly population, but despite the growth of the ageing population worldwide, geriatricians remain far and few in the medical field.
  • How community pharmacies can stay on top of inventory management
    It is crucial that community pharmacies manage inventory successfully as this will ensure a smooth operation. Here are some tips to ensure that the inventory system is well-managed and organised.
  • Surgeon “invented” cancer risks to carry out unnecessary mastectomies
    An NHS surgeon has been accused of purposely misinterpreting breast cancer test results to heighten anxiety in patients, warranting life-changing operations that were deemed completely unnecessary.