• Doctors as medical expert witnesses in court
    Should you ever consider venturing into the medico-legal side of the medical profession, here are some things that you might want to know first.
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  • Team huddle: A great way for hospital employees to start the day
    Hospital employees can make use of team huddles to develop situational awareness, or a collective understanding about the state of operations in their staff.
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    This fictional write-up portrays a day in the life of a houseman undergoing a paediatrics rotation.
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  • Older doctors are now postponing retirement
    Older and senior doctors have been found to put off retirement to an indeterminate age in Australia. Among the factors include the sense of purpose the job brings and still able to be of service because of good physical health.
  • A patients’ perceptions of their illness matters
    Studies have shown that a patient’s perception of his illness will affect his recovery, and that having a positive mindset towards his sickness will lead to better health outcomes.
  • 4 productivity tips for medical practitioners
    Medical practitioners are often overloaded with work, and learning how to enhance productivity will enable them to be more efficient and improve their performance at work.

  • Student debts from medical school contribute to physician burnout
    Given the infamously long hours and challenging work demands of healthcare professionals, emotional burnout is almost a given. In fact, physicians may add debt and financial stress as another, often-overlooked factor.
  • The importance of cultural competence in medical practice
    Healthcare providers need to have cultural competence so that they can better relate to their patients and show their respect towards them; these are significant elements in patient care.