• Making telemedicine profitable for your practice
    Telemedicine is still considered a new technology in the world of medicine, but some medical practices are already finding ways to maximise its economic potential and increase profitability from it.
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    Food allergies can significantly affect the quality of life of its sufferers and community pharmacies need to join the effort in addressing the challenges and tackling the problem.
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  • 8 myths about patient engagement
    There are currently many misconceptions surrounding patient engagement, and some even believed that they were based on research. Here we look at some of the biggest myths surrounding patient engagement.
  • Qualities a strong nurse preceptor should possess
    A nurse preceptor is an experienced Registered Nurse (RN) assigned by the faculty to teach nursing students or novice nurses in clinical settings. They require several distinct qualities to perform their roles.
  • 4 essential tips for a successful medical team meeting
    It is crucial for medical teams to have successful meetings that are based on clear objectives, as this will result in better decisions that will lead to more effective delivery of healthcare.
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    Becoming a qualified nurse requires a significant amount of formal education. Here we will provide some tips for nursing students to succeed in their nursing studies.
  • Nurse stereotypes: What can be done?
    For many years, negative public perception on nursing remains unchanged, resulting in fewer people entering the profession and reduced confidence of consumers in using nursing services.
  • Aesthetics pharmacy: The new game changer
    Pharmacy in many countries has taken a new direction that many may not have expected: aesthetics pharmacy. Here we discuss aesthetics pharmacy in England, the emerging roles and exciting career pathways for aesthetic pharmacists.
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    From a nurse’s perspective, it is difficult for nurse graduates to apply what they have learnt into real-world practice; here we take a look at the challenges faced by nursing graduates and strategies to combat them.
  • Part-time doctoring as a means to cope with burnout
    Exhaustion combined with doubts about the competence and value of their work can result in burnout among healthcare professional, making them choose to stop working full time.
  • The leap of faith: Transitioning from student to registered pharmacist
    The transition from being a student to a pharmacist is challenging. Here we look at the ways to ease the transition process from being a student to becoming full-fledged a pharmacist.