• The need for pharmacists to draw boundaries on social media
    The utilisation of social media to exchange information is a contemporary method that presents unique challenges, especially to pharmacists in upholding professional conducts that are deemed appropriate.
  • Specialist Spotlight: Radiologists
    The field of radiology has boomed with the emergence of cutting-edge imaging techniques, but will these advances in machine-learning and disease-recognising technology gradually undermine the need for radiologists in the medical field?
  • Wound care can be a successful niche for a community pharmacy
    Chronic wounds have become a major public health issue. Community pharmacies provide health consultation and advice to their community, which can make them a valuable resource in wound care.
  • How honest should a doctor be?
    A survey of practicing US physicians revealed that patients may be prone to receiving inaccurate information. This issue may also be prevalent in Singapore and Malaysia, and here we look at the reasons why.
  • ‘Super nurses’ may be the future of elderly care
    Countries around the world are increasingly utilising nurse practitioners and physician associates to deal with care of the elderly.
  • The role of pharmacists in palliative care
    The end of life should comprise of as little suffering as possible, and such is the goal of palliative care. Pharmacists play a unique role in palliative care, with their irreplaceable knowledge in drugs.
  • 4 nursing careers in high demand
    The employment outlook for nurses has never been better with global changes in population profiles, and within the broad spectrum of nursing are opportunities where nurses can diversify their portfolio and develop their career beyond general clinical roles.
  • Transition to practice programme contributes to the success of fresh graduate nurses
    Employers who are hiring such nurses should first place this group of nurses into the transition to practice programme (TTP) prior to the real work environment as a way to aid the challenges that they may encounter.
  • How death cafes can help medical students learn the art of breaking bad news
    Medical students are increasingly finding that there is not enough teaching and discussion around how to talk about death and break bad news to their patients – something they may have to deal with on a daily basis after they qualify.
  • Why are healthcare professionals leaving traditional job roles?
    In the past, a career in medicine was widely perceived as one of the pathways to guarantee one’s success in life. However, in today’s society and context, many are choosing alternative career pathways.
  • How to manage staff shortages
    High patient volumes, an ageing staff, and healthcare workers' growing demands for flexibility may result in a staff shortage. Here are some ideas on how to manage such personnel shortages.
  • Top 5 destinations for nursing jobs abroad
    With the global shortfall in nurses, modern-day Florence Nightingales are leaving their homeland to light up the distant shores of high-income countries for bigger pay packets and a better life.
  • Nurses: Here are the 5 qualities that differentiate you from the crowd
    Nurses play an integral role in the healthcare system, and are often referred to as the heart of healthcare. Here we will look at the unique qualities that they possess.