• Nurses can play a part in preventing patient falls
    While focusing on the risk factors of falls are important in developing fall prevention methods, nurses may need to modify current practices for better patient safety.
  • The increasing importance of qualitative research in the healthcare sector
    Qualitative research is important as research in healthcare is more than just a solution-seeking practice – it is concerned with how things occur, how individuals make sense of things and how issues unfold in reality.
  • Advantages of transitioning to hybrid concierge medicine
    As a growing trend, more doctors are taking on concierge patients while maintaining their patients in the traditional practice.
  • Non-medical knowledge for a doctor - Part 2
    This is the second part of the two-part series on non-medical knowledge for doctors. Here we look at two skills that doctors can make use of to help them to be great at the profession.
  • Non-medical knowledge for a doctor - Part 1
    For doctors to be great at what they do, learning other skills that are indirectly related to healthcare will be useful. Here we look at the 5 skills that they can master.
  • Why parents encourage their children to become doctors
    Many parents hope that their child will be able to have a career as a doctor despite the difficulties of the profession.
  • Evidence-based medicine – a necessity in healthcare
    Evidence-based medicine helps healthcare providers to make decisions on the care of individual patients due to its role in clinical decision-making and answering crucial clinical questions.
  • 5 niches that you can consider for your community pharmacy
    Pharmacists need to be aware of the significance of choosing a niche for their community pharmacy, so that they can meet the needs and demands of a specific group of people in the community effectively.
  • Lifelong learning opportunities in nursing
    In order to enhance your abilities as a nurse, particularly in the area of knowledge and skills, you need to make a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • 6 emotions that every doctor goes through
    Becoming a doctor is undoubtedly one of the most difficult professions. Here we look at the different emotions that doctors face, and why they deserve our admiration and gratitude.
  • 3 less common nursing specialisations to consider as a career
    While the nurses we commonly know are trained to care for the patients or assist the physicians, there are many more types of nursing specialisations that deliver professional care.
  • Specialist Spotlight: Psychiatrists
    Psychiatrists are medical experts not only in mental health, but also in social and physical wellbeing of individuals. With the increasing number of mental health issues worldwide, there has been a call for more psychiatrists in the medical field.
  • MOH to expand number of housemen training slots in Malaysia
    The Deputy Health Minister has announced plans to open up more placements for housemen at training hospitals in order to accommodate for the increasing number of medical graduates and to address the limited training slots.