• Essential career tips for nursing graduates
    Choosing the right job as a nursing graduate can be tough due to the lack of working experience. Additionally, nurses may require some career guidance to advance in their profession.
  • Singapore’s researchers bring new insights into personalised medicine
    Researchers from A*STAR have discovered the genetic diversity in liver cancer cells, shedding light on the challenges in drug therapy for HCC. Meanwhile, findings of a separate study reveal potential in using patients’ stem cells to predict anti-cancer drug side effects.
  • Antibiotics associated with long-term behavioural changes
    The problem of antibiotic overuse has been a long-standing issue worldwide. Not only does the overuse give rise to antibiotic resistance, it may potentially cause long-term behavioural changes.
  • The challenges of medical volunteering abroad
    Medical volunteering in foreign countries allows one to hone their medical skills and gain exposure. However, there are several issues surrounding it, which may even cause more harm than good.
  • 4 up-and-coming medical technologies that will revolutionise healthcare
    Medical technology and advancements have been gradually shifting medical approaches towards prevention-based and patient-centred care. Here are four up-and-coming technologies reflecting this change.
  • Hundreds of women to take legal action on NHS over vaginal mesh implants
    In the UK, more than 800 women are taking legal action against the NHS and the makers of the vaginal mesh implants over the painful and lasting side effects.
  • Human knockouts: A way to decipher why some drugs work, while others fail
    No clinical trial has a 100% success rate, mainly due to the differing genetic makeup between individuals. Many experts have tried to improve the rates but still find that one drug would fail in clinical testing while others work. Can pharmacogenomics or studying natural knockouts solve this problem?
  • Malaysian housewife sues government specialist for RM20mil over negligence
    A 58-year-old housewife has filed a lawsuit against a cardiothoracic specialist from Serdang Hospital for alleged medical negligence, after post-surgery complications caused her to lose one of her breasts.
  • Three new cases of Zika infections reported in Singapore
    Three new cases of Zika infections have been reported as of last week, according to the National Environment Agency (NEA) on 20 April. Two were reported in the Glasgow Road area, while the other was reported at the Nouvelle Park along Poh Huat Road West.
  • How healthcare providers can balance medical work and parenting
    In a field of work that requires unwavering devotion, healthcare professionals often have to make sacrifices with other commitments. However, this can prove to be difficult, especially for those who have young children under their care.
  • The role of migraines in anxiety disorders
    The relationship between common physical symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and psychological distress has been explored extensively. It has been shown that anxiety disorders are more common among adults with migraines.
  • 5 unusual genes that create real-life superheroes
    Geneticists believe we could be years from creating real heroes with real power as astonishing discoveries prove these are real resilient people whose only difference lies in their genes.
  • Pharma giant under fire in the UK for hiking up cancer drug prices across Europe
    An investigation by a local newspaper revealed that a pharmaceutical company has used "aggressive approaches" in attempts to drive up the price of cancer drugs across Europe. However the UK's Department of Health is taking caution and preventing such attempts.