Malaysia has been rated as the country that provides the “best healthcare in the world”, according to a recent healthcare article in the International Living magazine’s 2017 Global Retirement Index.

"International Living in its Annual Global Retirement Index 2017 honoured Malaysia for the third consecutive year of being named the country with the 'best healthcare in the world’,” said Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam.

“This accomplishment is testament to Malaysia’s well-developed healthcare system which is highly accessible, with competitively affordable rates, and of world-class quality.”

Malaysia a hub for medical tourism

The article highlighted the recent development of medical tourism in the country, adding that the number of medical tourists in Malaysia have increased by 100% in the past half decade. According to the write-up, over one million medical tourists worldwide visited Malaysia in 2016, “a figure that is certain to rise in 2017.”

“George Town and Kuala Lumpur are the main two medical centers in Malaysia, and both cities are serviced by a multitude of international airlines from around the world,” stated the article, which ranked Costa Rica in second place.

"Malaysia has some of the best-trained doctors in Asia - and the majority of them were trained in the United States, Australia, or the UK. All of them speak English too, and that takes a lot of the stress away from what is already a stressful situation.”

It also mentioned that there were “not for profit” hospitals available in the country that provided top-class, in addition to the availability of private and public hospitals.

High quality of care at a low cost

The scoring in the article was determined by measuring quality of healthcare based on various criteria such as the price of medical procedures, facilities that are available, quality or number of hospitals, trained doctors, as well as the affordability of care.

After Malaysia, Costa Rica was ranked second, followed by Colombia and Mexico respectively.

"The government through the Ministry of Health ensures stringent and rigorous regulations are put in place to safeguard impeccable standards of quality, safety and ethics in Malaysian healthcare services as a whole, while ensuring that healthcare in Malaysia remains accessible to everyone who needs it," said Subramaniam.

“The Ministry is humbled and inspire by this recognition and shall continue our commitment in providing the best quality healthcare for our patients.” MIMS

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