On 18 April, Andorra Women & Children Hospital held a media forum to celebrate its milestones. Among the spokespersons who attended were Dr Khamsiah Muda (Founder and Chairman), Dr Tawfique Chowdhury (Executive Director) and Zaiton Sulaiman (Chief Executive Officer). Andorra Women & Children Hospital currently boasts an all-female clinical staff. The hospital had three O&G specialists, two paediatricians and 20 visiting specialists, all of whom are female. The hospital also boasts a selection of lodgings ranging from private suites to 4-bed rooms, children’s play area, café, restaurant and comfortable waiting lounges.

A focus on women and family

Andorra Women & Children Hospital was established in 2016, the brainchild of Dr Khamsiah based on the philosophy of “By Women for Women”.

Dr Khamsiah envisioned the hospital as a comprehensive one-stop children and women healthcare establishment, one that was created with the female perspective at its core.

Nonetheless, Andorra does not restrict itself to female patients only. “Andorra was established for everyone,” Dr Tawfique explained, adding that the hospital aims to provide the best and friendliest service to those who want to be treated by a female doctor and cared for by female nurses.

Additionally, Andorra is the first and currently the only Syariah-friendly women and children hospital in Malaysia. It places an emphasis on ethics as well as empathy. This emphasis encompasses all aspects of their daily operations, from medical services to communicating with patients and their loved ones.

Paving future milestones

To further realize its objectives, Andorra looks forward to recruit more female specialists, midwives, nurses, clinicians and caregivers to be a part of the staff. The board members also look forward to becoming a UNICEF-certified baby-friendly hospital, providing better pre- and postnatal care and increasing its focus on female mental health and family planning issues. MIMS

Visit www.andorra.com.my for more information.

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