A hospital staff working at a private children’s hospital in Roorkee, India allegedly broke a three-day-old baby’s leg after he was irritated by the newborn’s incessant crying, with CCTV footage of the incident shown as evidence of his heartless act.

“My baby was tortured all night by the attendant and he also broke his leg,” said the child’s distressed father, who reported the incident to authorities.

Hospital staff pulled forcefully on baby’s leg

The baby was believed to have been admitted at Airan Hospital on 28 January for further management of respiratory problems, where the hospital staff was taking care of the ward. However, the staff allegedly became irritated by the child’s persistent crying, and broke one of the baby’s legs when he was alone in the vicinity.

In the video footage, the man was initially observed relaxing in the ward where the child was kept under observation. Several minutes later, the baby started crying, and the man was walking up to the bed and forcefully pulling on the crying infant’s leg while changing his diaper, which was likely to have caused the fracture.

He then casually continued with his work while the child continued to cry.

Action will be taken against the accused, reassured police

The episode was left unnoticed until the child was referred to a hospital in Dehradun, where doctors detected a fracture in the child’s leg. When the incident came to light, the child’s father immediately lodged a complaint to the police who assured that action would be taken.

“As per the complaint filed by the family, an attendant manhandled the child,” said a police spokesman.

"We have also been handed over the footage of the whole incident; and have initiated a probe to find out the truth."

In the meantime, the hospital staff has been taken into custody while police investigations are ongoing. MIMS

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