• Australia may grant fewer work visas to foreign doctors
    As the doctor shortage in the 1990s is projected to become a glut now, the federal government in Australia is currently considering whether to curb the influx of overseas-trained doctors.
  • The many roles a successful nurse plays
    Becoming a successful nurse is about more than the training and clinical skills on hand - it's about the way you put forth the various roles and facets required of you on a day to day basis. 
  • Depresi setelah melahirkan: Bagaimana perawat bisa membantu
    PPD bisa berkembang menjadi masalah penyakit serius jika tidak diterapi. Dengan demikian, perawat harus membantu ibu yang menderita penyakit ini untuk langsung mencari bantuan, menjelaskan gejala yang mereka rasakan di luar kontrol mereka, dan tidak ada alasan untuk merasa bersalah.
  • NKTI’s iVASC – First integrated vascular center in Asia

    The first integrated vascular center in Asia is located within the National Kidney and Transplant Institute complex. MIMS finds out why it’s the benchmark for vascular care in the Philippines and abroad.

  • 4 reasons men should consider the nursing profession
    There are several reasons why nursing is generally deemed to be a career that should only be undertaken by females. However, men are now encouraged to consider taking up the noble profession.
  • 5 kalimat penyemangat untuk perawat
    Di tengah kesibukan Anda, gunakankan satu menit untuk memikirkan kalimat mengenai profesi Anda, dan gunakan sebagai motivasi untuk mendorong Anda melakukan pekerjaan yang mulia ini.
  • 7 probiotic foods for a healthier gut
    While the consumption of probiotic foods and supplements is often overrated, research suggests it is still safe to consume an occasional cup of good quality live yogurt, with focus on a balanced diet.
  • 4 key factors that motivate nurses in their career
    There are many reasons why nurses are keen to pursue the career. Here are the key factors that motivate nurses in their jobs.
  • A new 5-day fasting diet may be the fast track to better health
    Today, fasting is done more for physical gain where crash diets promise trimmer waistlines and more years. Researchers now suggest that a milder deprivation may be a superior bet.
  • 4 historical figures that suffered from medical ailments
    Modern medical technologies and increasing knowledge of the human body have succeeded in revealing new insights into how some of these historical figures have died.