• Infographic: Survey results of HCP working hours in Malaysia and Singapore
    Experts have long debated whether the workloads of healthcare professionals are reasonable, and if such long hours are harmful to patients – or to healthcare professionals themselves. MIMS decided to ask its readers to share their views.
  • Turn your favourite junk food into healthy indulgences
    Just about every person, nurse or not, will have gone through the painfully endless cycle of Evaluating diet-getting horrified-resolve to cut out junk food –persevere for a very short time-start to binge again-feel the guilt and start cycle all over again. As such, instead of just cutting out the junk completely and suppressing your stomach’s urges, why not try to approach this whole junk food issue from a different angle?
  • Nurses, here’s 7 positive practices for a more wholesome you
    As compassionate caregivers, nurses often over-extend themselves on the giving end, and while they prioritise patients’ wellness, they should also set aside time for their own physical and emotional well-being.
  • 4 reasons why nurses should be tech-savvy
    Technology has become a necessity in many job sectors. However, its role in healthcare is undoubtedly one of the most important, as speed and efficiency are most certainly key factors in saving lives.
  • Should healthcare professional accept gifts from their patients?
    It is natural for patients to gift their physicians as an expression of their gratitude, but not all gifts to doctors bear innocent intentions. Physicians need to know when to turn down gifts that can potentially jeopardise the patient-doctor relationship.
  • Plans for 7,000 nursing cuts despite the UK’s growing nurse shortage
    A 9.4% vacancy rate and increasingly demanding industry mean nurses are stretched to breaking point.
  • Revisiting the Nurse Victorino Chua story: The 'angel turned evil'

    To catch the Stepping Hill Hospital poisoner which killed a handful and injured dozens of patients, it took more than 100 detectives to go over 1,177 witnesses, 28,000 pages of case files, 3,291 statements, and 5,394 evidences – all which led to a Filipino Nurse named Victorino Chua, the self-styled ‘angel who turned evil.’

  • The need to develop a culture of research in nursing
    In recent times, the ageing of populations has become a forefront concern in many countries. Likewise, Malaysia is also experiencing an increase in the elderly population, as a result of the increase in life expectancy, low mortality and decline in fertility. Demographic projections have placed Malaysia as the fourth fastest ageing country in the world, and 15% of the total population will be elderly by 2035.
  • Healthcare professionals: 4 types of co-workers you need in your circle
    The importance of strong peer support among healthcare professionals simply cannot be overemphasized. Peer support is the foundation for open communication, compassion and advanced patient safety and quality of care. The types of co-workers that healthcare professionals have in their workplace can largely influence their perspectives and attitudes.
  • New app trains the brain to track cravings and lose weight
    Say goodbye to resolutions for depressing diets. By spending ten minutes a day playing a game on a brain-training app, you can track your food consumption, retrain your mind and reward yourself for healthier choices.