• Engaging patients on the digital platform via “vlogging”
    Digital technology means a departure from the traditional monologue to an interactive virtual model where patients and physicians engage through online video blogging to manage better health outcomes.
  • Koleksi unik perpustakaan medis yang wajib dikunjungi
    Perpustakaan ini memiliki kumpulan buku obat klinis dan spesialisasinya, kesehatan masyarakat, perawat, ilmu preklinis dan lainnya. Mereka juga memiliki bagian Sejarah Perpustakaan dan sekarang berisi lebih dari 416.000 volume.
  • Are there any perks to hiring millennial healthcare professionals over experienced ones?
    Millennials are getting a lot of flak these days, from nicknames like 'Strawberry Generation' to the bad rep of being seemingly 'self-entitled and spoiled'. More than this when it comes to the workplace though, is that millennials are commonly thought of to lack experience, a crucial component that managers everywhere in the healthcare industry will look for when hiring to expand a team. Yet all is not lost, and times are changing as educational institutions gradually realise the importance of real-world experience and attempt to inculcate this.
  • A closer look at kindness and compassion in the medical setting
    More and more, the importance of kindness and compassion in patient treatment is being touted as a necessity, and even scientific reports have jumped on the bandwagon, providing piece after piece evidence to prove this. In this article, Dr Jennifer Winter brings us through why this is so vital, from a doctor's perspective.
  • Malaysian medical graduates to be counselled before entering housemanship
    The Ministry of Health stated that medical graduates will be provided counselling and job exposure before starting housemanship to prepare them for the workload and stress they would face.
  • Why foreign students opt to study medicine in PH
    In spite the adjustments and challenges of studying medicine in a foreign country, students believe it can only help make them better doctors in the future.
  • What is preventative healthcare and can it save lives?
    The benefits of prescribing medication to patients who show early signs of disease development are still hotly debated among doctors.
  • 5 exceedingly rare diseases
    These five rare diseases are so rare, that one of such disease only affects 30 individuals, and another that affects only 14 families to date.
  • Doctor-chefs teach medical students how cooking can revamp nutrition education
    Cooking has now become a required course in many medical schools, with the main purpose of teaching medical students how to prepare healthy meals.
  • Wanted: Improved doctor-patient interaction in PH healthcare system
    Most Filipino doctors come off as 'abrupt' and often just get straight-to-the-point when seeing patients, which makes doctor-patient interaction wanting during most consults.