• The differences between psychology and psychiatry
    Psychology and psychiatry are terms that are often used interchangeably. However, while it is widely known that both involve the study of the brain, behaviour, emotions and thoughts, there are significant differences between the two areas of study.
  • Dua pasien meninggal karena kesalahan apoteker
    "Mereka masuk dunia kesehatan untuk menolong pasien, bukan untuk melukainya. Sangsi terberat adalah mereka harus hidup dengan penyesalan ini seumur hidup mereka."
  • How criticising doctors can increase the risk of medical errors
    Emotions tend to run high in hospitals and can cause patients’ loved ones to be critical towards medical professionals when they perceive inadequate care. According to new research however, criticising the doctor could have damaging, even fatal consequences.
  • The banning of powdered gloves and its implications
    In the context of healthcare, medical gloves serve as protective devices for both medical personnel and patients alike. It also protects the examiner's and the patient’s hands from any potential infection. However, powdered medical gloves have been banned recently because they were shown to bring unreasonable and substantial risk.
  • Unremorseful paedophilic paediatrician sentenced to 22 years of prison
    Michael Salmon, a retired paediatrician who worked at Stoke Mandeville in Aylesbury, has gotten away with sexually assaulting children for 14 years.
  • Cold urticaria: Being allergic to the cold
    A 76-year-old primary school teacher from Essex developed a rare reaction known as cold urticaria after being vaccinated at five-years-old. However, Owers' case is rare as the more severe symptoms of her condition lasted for over two decades when it usually fades within five to six years.
  • Bleachorexia benar-benar ada, dan harus diatasi
    Dikatakan menderita bleachorexia jika seseorang terobsesi pada perawatan gigi untuk kosmetik demi mendapat gigi dengan warna yang mereka inginkan, dan akan melewati banyak ekstremitas untuk mencapainya, dan individu ini biasanya melalui banyak prosedur pemutihan gigi untuk menghilangkan kekhawatirannya mengenai perubahan warna gigi.
  • Drug company hiked cost of baby medicine by 85,000%, denies any wrongdoing
    Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals agreed to settle charges of anti-competitive practices by paying a USD100 million fine and allow a competitor to produce a similar medication related to Acthar gel - a lifesaving medication for infantile spasms and multiple sclerosis.
  • Three important facts to note on medical advertising in Malaysia
    In the sales of medicine, if advertisements promoting such products are misused or abused, there could be dire consequences for the patients. The Malaysian government imposes strict control over advertisements concerning medicine, and below are three important facts that all pharmacists advertising their products should know. 
  • Hong Kong Medical Council reform: A rocky road
    Although a reform is urgently needed to accelerate hearing processes, the Medical Registration (Amendment) Bill 2016 failed to attain approval from the Legislative Council after a marathon of debates.
  • How should TPAs comply with new SMC guidelines?
    With the implementation of revised ethical guidelines by the Singapore Medical Council, TPAs will need to adjust methods of charging administrative fees to prevent breach in regulations.
  • Dehidrasi parah membuat seorang anak menghisap tissue basah dan meninggal
    Kesalahan yang muncul termasuk kesalahan ukur input dan output cairan Sean, yang menyebabkan dehidrasi parah dan membuat hidupnya berada di ujung tanduk. 
  • MIMS Survey: 43% of HCPs in Singapore and Malaysia dissatisfied with working hours
    46% of healthcare providers in Singapore and Malaysia work more than 50 hours a week, based on a recent MIMS survey. Healthcare providers are prone to burnout due to high workload, so how do they perform on a day-to-day basis?