• Engaging patients on the digital platform via “vlogging”
    Digital technology means a departure from the traditional monologue to an interactive virtual model where patients and physicians engage through online video blogging to manage better health outcomes.
  • Singapore's MOH to improve palliative care by increasing inpatient beds
    To meet the needs of an ageing population, the Ministry of Health will be upgrading palliative care services through funding as well as increasing inpatient beds by 2020.
  • Rotavirus outbreak in Kedah now up to 86 cases
    Investigations at the Ulu Lengong Hotspring in Kedah revealed no leakage of wastewater management, leading authorities to believe that the contamination was due to lack of awareness of personal hygiene amongst visitors.
  • Koleksi unik perpustakaan medis yang wajib dikunjungi
    Perpustakaan ini memiliki kumpulan buku obat klinis dan spesialisasinya, kesehatan masyarakat, perawat, ilmu preklinis dan lainnya. Mereka juga memiliki bagian Sejarah Perpustakaan dan sekarang berisi lebih dari 416.000 volume.
  • New evidence found for WHO and CDC guidelines on Zika transmission
    At least half of Zika-infected men will have traces of virus in their semen, but in most cases, viral shedding stops after about three months, according to researchers from several institutions in Puerto Rico.
  • Ethical practices vs practical medical decisions: The debate presses on for Singapore
    In the Singapore context, the need for medical treatment for both chronic and general illnesses such as cancer, pneumonia and ischaemic heart diseases have been on the rise. The more cases there are, the more ethical dilemmas are bound to arise, which leads to more constant questions about whether the Hippocratic oath can sometimes be bypassed for practical purposes, in order to suit the population’s needs. 
  • Peran diskusi dalam klinik swasta
    Fungsi penting dari pegawai diskusi adalah menyampaikan informasi mengenai klinik ke publik. Dengan akses ke internet, pegawai bisa memainkan peran mereka secara digital, yaitu dengan mengurus website klinik dan media sosial.
  • Nurses: 5 tips for providing good patient education
    Providing patient education is an essential aspect of nursing care. In fact, the success of the individual has been found to be greatly impacted by the quality of the nurse’s support and instruction.
  • Study finds many patients are fearful of wasting GPs’ time
    A recent study at Cambridge University has found that the current NHS crisis has left patients reluctant to visit their doctor amid fears they are wasting their GP’s time.
  • Will an expedited FDA drug-approval process result in a win-win situation?
    Accelerating the FDA drug-approval process has been a broadly bipartisan supported issue. But will it be a win-win situation for patients and pharmaceutical companies?