• A new 5-day fasting diet may be the fast track to better health
    Today, fasting is done more for physical gain where crash diets promise trimmer waistlines and more years. Researchers now suggest that a milder deprivation may be a superior bet.
  • 4 historical figures that suffered from medical ailments
    Modern medical technologies and increasing knowledge of the human body have succeeded in revealing new insights into how some of these historical figures have died.
  • 14 patients caught serious infections due to poor medical practice in China
    Due to a lack of adherence to proper medical procedures in two hospitals in China, 14 patients have been infected with HIV and Hepatitis B in two separate cases.
  • Engaging patients on the digital platform via “vlogging”
    Digital technology means a departure from the traditional monologue to an interactive virtual model where patients and physicians engage through online video blogging to manage better health outcomes.
  • 5 new superfoods to try
    Slowly but surely, more superfoods are making waves, and here we share five of the newest to try out as part of a healthier diet.
  • Nurses: 5 tips for providing good patient education
    Providing patient education is an essential aspect of nursing care. In fact, the success of the individual has been found to be greatly impacted by the quality of the nurse’s support and instruction.
  • Shift work: A doctor's advice on coping
    It is no secret, or surprise, that shift work has multiple negative effects on any individual who is required to undergo it. Yet, it is undeniably an unavoidable part of working in the healthcare sector, hence healthcare professionals have no other option besides finding ways to cope. Here is one doctor's take on making shift work work for you.
  • New clinical guidelines prescribe exercise as first-line therapy for lower back pain
    The American College of Physicians have revised the guidelines for management of lower back pain, advising clinicians to prescribe treatments such as heat therapy and yoga before resorting to pharmaceutical options.
  • Nurses and delegation: 5 tips to ensure an effective exchange
    At some point in every successful nurse's career, being overwhelmed with tasks will require you to learn the delicate art of delegation in order to function more effectively. Delegation is the transfer of responsibility for the performance of a task from one person to another, and if carried out well, will afford you the required space and time to concentrate on more difficult patient issues and deal with them successfully.
  • 3 more health trends you can afford to skip
    Although the still-trendy variations of ‘green juice smoothies’ are seen as a modern-day equivalent of Popeye's spinach in liquid form, this health trend is just one more among many others that may not be doing you much good.