• Why are nursing home careers so unpopular in Singapore?
    Singapore's ageing population foresees a need for more nursing homes to be built to attend to the needs of the elderly in the near future. However, infrastructure and building aside, the local attitude which tends towards the shunning of a nursing home career looks likely to pose a manpower issue, one that is unlikely to be easily resolved.
  • Job switch: Strategies for pharmacists to ace a job interview - Part 2
    In this second part of the three-part series on job hopping for pharmacists, we look at ways to help pharmacists to ace a job interview, a process which can be nerve-wrecking for many local pharmacists.
  • 4 key factors that motivate nurses in their career
    There are many reasons why nurses are keen to pursue the career. Here are the key factors that motivate nurses in their jobs.
  • 4 reasons men should consider the nursing profession
    There are several reasons why nursing is generally deemed to be a career that should only be undertaken by females. However, men are now encouraged to consider taking up the noble profession.
  • 3 mistakes for pharmacists to avoid when considering a  job change - Part 1
    Pharmacists who are considering switching jobs must do so with caution. This is the first part of a three-part series on job hopping for pharmacists.
  • Doctors, here's how to make vacations a reality
    With the growing increase in global health burdens, more and more doctors see patients every day of the year, be is a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday - leaving vacations to be few and sparse.
  • 4 ways community pharmacies can support new parents
    Becoming new parents is a rewarding yet challenging experiences, and requires as much help and support as possible when it comes to knowing what is best for the baby.
  • Shift work: A doctor's advice on coping
    It is no secret, or surprise, that shift work has multiple negative effects on any individual who is required to undergo it. Yet, it is undeniably an unavoidable part of working in the healthcare sector, hence healthcare professionals have no other option besides finding ways to cope. Here is one doctor's take on making shift work work for you.
  • The integrating of mental and behavioural healthcare in a medical practice
    The increasing number of patients consulting physicians in regular medical practices with regard to mental and behavioural health issues, faced as a result of stressful modern-day life, highlights an interesting question: Should, and can, these services be directly integrated into regular medical practices for patients' ease? 
  • Ethical practices vs practical medical decisions: The debate presses on for Singapore
    In the Singapore context, the need for medical treatment for both chronic and general illnesses such as cancer, pneumonia and ischaemic heart diseases have been on the rise. The more cases there are, the more ethical dilemmas are bound to arise, which leads to more constant questions about whether the Hippocratic oath can sometimes be bypassed for practical purposes, in order to suit the population’s needs.