• Are foreign doctors suffering from bias within the UK medical system?
    A study of NHS records suggests that foreign doctors may be facing an inherent racial predisposition within the health system, calling for a more globalised testing arrangement to overcome such bias.
  • The understated role of speech and language pathologists
    Communication is an essential component in everyday life that enables individuals express information, thoughts and emotions, but individuals who face difficulties or suffer from speech and language disorders may become limited in their ability to interact and can become closed off from the world in many ways.
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    Medical volunteering in foreign countries allows one to hone their medical skills and gain exposure. However, there are several issues surrounding it, which may even cause more harm than good.
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    Handovers are a common nursing task used to transfer accountability and responsibility to incoming nurses on the next shift, and is still prevalent in clinical settings. But is it becoming outdated in today’s modern healthcare system?
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