As the complexity of healthcare and nursing escalates, nurses are asked to offer innovative solutions in nursing care practices. Dealing with patients of different ages, health conditions and backgrounds have made creativity a crucial element in nursing duties.

Nurses who integrate creativity in patient care can reduce costs to the healthcare system and support the development of nursing practices. With a myriad of benefits in place, it’s time to unleash your creativity – and let the creative juice flowing.

#1 Creativity encourages patient’s cooperation and greater satisfaction

Creativity greatly improves patients’ co-operation and satisfaction. In several occasions where the nurse has to deal with uncooperative kids – creativity would give her an advantage.

When providing care for a child patient, a nurse can use toys to enhance co-operation. This will also lead to greater compliance to drug regimens and dressing changes. Prior to discharge, the nurse may also use handcrafts to express her warm wishes for the patient.

#2 Creativity enables modifications to patient care

Creativity can be adapted to nursing practices and modify the way patient care is conveyed. For instance, a stretcher that is equipped with a cassette for taking X-rays is a great innovation, especially for patients with multiple traumas. This provides ease for the staff and their patients, as there is lesser need to move the patient from the stretcher to the radiology bed.

#3 Creativity escalates nurses’ self-belief and respect

The consistent expressing of creative ideas in a working unit will help the nurse to achieve self-belief and happiness. From day to day, she will realise that discovering new innovations and ideas are fun aspects of the job.

It will also constantly give her an intrinsic satisfaction and a sense of pride. A nurse who used her creativity in care routines expresses that “the first thing that creativity had for me is self-belief. I found a kind of confidence. For example, when the colleagues say: “Can you make a certain thing?” I felt confidence. This was the most important thing for me.”

Creativity should be an essential element in nursing. Despite direct nursing care practices, a nurse who integrates creativity and innovations will find that it works as self-empowerment. With empowerment, the nurse would serve the best quality of care possible, and improve the outcomes.

Over time, these accumulations of creative ideas will result in better patient care and practical efficiencies. In short, creativity is the main engine for the development of healthcare workers and organisations. MIMS

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